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050 00 QC174.17.S9|bC65 2000 
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111 2  Conference on Strings, Duality, and Geometry|d(2000 :
       |cMontréal, Québec) 
245 10 Mirror symmetry IV :|h[electronic resource] |bproceedings 
       of the Conference on Strings, Duality, and Geometry, 
       Centre de recherches mathématiques of the Université de 
       Montréal (CRM), March 2000 /|cEric D'Hoker, Duong Phong, 
       and Shing-Tung Yau, editors 
260    Providence, RI :|bAmerican Mathematical Society ; 
       [Montréal] :|bCentre de recherches mathémathiques, CRM ;
       |a[Somerville, MA] :|bInternational Press,|cc2002 
300    1 online resource (ix, 381 p. : ill.) 
490 0  AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics, |x2472-5153 ; |vv.
504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 00 |tA survey of mirror principle|tMirror symmetry: aspects 
       of the first 10 years|tLagrangian torus fibrations of 
       Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces in toric varieties and SYZ mirror
       symmetry conjecture|tModuli space of stable maps
       |tCohomological properties of ruled symplectic structures
       |tSpectral Lax pairs and Calogero-Moser systems|tM-theory 
       tested by ${\mathcal {N}}=2$ Seiberg-Witten theory
       |tSeiberg-Witten curves for elliptic models|tThe periodic 
       and open Toda lattice|tExact integration methods for 
       supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory|tNonabelian D-branes and 
       noncommutative geometry|tEvidence for winding states in 
       noncommutative quantum field theory|tThe discrete bound 
       state spectrum of the rotating D0-brane system, and its 
       decay by emission of Ramond-Ramond field radiation|tOn the
       correspondence between D-branes and stationary 
       supergravity solutions of type II Calabi-Yau 
       compactifications|tPhase-transitions and tensor dynamics 
       in $M$-theory|tDuality, Eisenstein series and exact 
       thresholds|tConnectedness of the boundary in the AdS/CFT 
       correspondence|tA note on the topology of the boundary in 
       the AdS/CFT correspondence|tHolographic duals of 4D field 
       theories|tBlack hole thermodynamics from calculations in 
       strongly-coupled gauge theory|tCorrelation functions for 
       orbifolds of the type $M̂N/ŜN$|tElliptic genera of 
       singular varieties, orbifold elliptic genus and chiral de 
       Rham complex|tOn family rigidity theorems for Spin$̂{c}$ 
       manifolds|tAmple divisors, automorphic forms and 
       Shafarevich's conjecture 
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533    Electronic reproduction.|bProvidence, Rhode Island :
       |cAmerican Mathematical Society.|d2012 
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650  0 Mirror symmetry|vCongresses 
650  0 Geometry, Differential|vCongresses 
650  0 String models|vCongresses 
650  0 Duality (Nuclear physics)|vCongresses 
700 1  D'Hoker, Eric,|d1956- 
700 1  Phong, Duong H.,|d1953- 
700 1  Yau, Shing-Tung,|d1949- 
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