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作者 Cozy, Loralyn M
書名 Bistable motility gene expression in Bacillus subtilis
國際標準書號 9781124659633
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說明 219 p
附註 Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 72-08, Section: B, page: 4426
Adviser: Daniel B. Kearns
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Indiana University, 2011
Bacteria can exhibit complex developmental programs that produce self-sustaining patterns of gene expression. In addition, many bacterial populations bifurcate such that each subpopulation simultaneously exhibits a stable, distinct gene expression pattern. An excellent example is seen during exponential growth of Bacillus subtilis in which populations display a bistable distribution of cells that either express or fail to express the genes necessary for flagellar-mediated motility. The work presented here provides the first description of the molecular mechanisms governing the bistable pattern of motility gene expression and the genetic basis for cellular individuality. Through cytological, biochemical, forward and molecular genetic approaches, this work demonstrates that the genetic architecture of the motility gene hierarchy sets the expression of a master regulator relative to a threshold and therefore provides the fundamental developmental switch. Furthermore, this work identifies three additional regulators required for wild type development. Finally, this work defines motility gene expression in B. subtilis as having the three core characteristics required of a bistable genetic system: hypersensitivity of the master regulator, autoregulation and resistance to state switching, or hysteresis. Taken together, this work characterizes a new model system for the study of bistable gene expression and the molecular mechanisms underlying bacterial development in general
School code: 0093
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 72-08B
主題 Biology, Molecular
Biology, Genetics
Biology, Microbiology
Alt Author Indiana University. Biology
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