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100 1  Dou, Wenyu 
245 10 Modeling the online sales system: A catastrophe theory 
300    93 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 60-
       08, Section: A, page: 3024 
500    Major Professor: Sanjoy Ghose 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 
520    The electronic commerce domain is in many ways different 
       from traditional marketing domains. The complexity in 
       online business could lead to new and previously 
       unexplored patterns of market responses. To understand and
       model such responses we need to use approaches designed to
       handle such complexities. The development of such an 
       integrated modeling-based approach is the objective of 
       this dissertation 
520    The study first proposes a theoretical framework that can 
       be used as a structured reference for companies to design 
       and implement interactive marketing strategies on the 
       Internet. We then focus on the modeling of sales dynamics 
       for small online stores. First, we formally derive a Cusp 
       catastrophe model of online store sales. Second, we use 
       numerical simulations to explore the wide range of 
       solution scenarios embodied in the model and also to 
       investigate under what conditions catastrophic responses 
       may occur. Finally, we test the validity of our proposed 
       theoretical model with actual data collected from the 
       Internet using the GEMCAT II software 
590    School code: 0263 
650  4 Business Administration, Marketing 
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710 2  The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 
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