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245 00 Paths of convergence for agriculture, health, and wealth /
       |cissue edited by Laurette Dubé, Patrick Webb, Narendra K.
       Arora, Prabhu Pingalid 
264  1 [Hoboken, N.J.] :|b[Published on behalf of the New York 
       Academy of Sciences by Wiley Subscription Services],
300    1 online resource (295 pages) :|billustrations (some 
       color), maps 
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490 1  Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences,|x1749-6632 ;
       |vvolume 1331 
500    "December 2014." 
504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 0  Agriculture, health, and wealth convergence: bridging 
       traditional food systems and modern agribusiness solutions
       / Laurette Dubé, Patrick Webb, Narendra K. Arora and 
       Prabhu Pingali -- Neurobehavioral determinants of 
       nutritional security in fetal growth-restricted 
       individuals / André Krumel Portella and Patrícia Pelufo 
       Silveira -- A model of social influence on body mass index
       / Ross A. Hammond and Joseph T. Ornstein -- Agriculture 
       and nutrition in India: mapping evidence to pathways / 
       Suneetha Kadiyala, Jody Harris, Derek Headey, Sivan Yosef 
       and Stuart Gillespie -- Policy insights from the 
       nutritional food market transformation model: the case of 
       obesity prevention / Jeroen Struben, Derek Chan and 
       Laurette Dubé -- Improving complementary feeding in Ghana:
       reaching the vulnerable through innovative business: the 
       case of KOKO Plus / Shibani Ghosh, Kwaku Tano-Debrah, 
       Grant J. Aaron, Gloria Otoo, Nicholas Strutt, Kennedy 
       Bomfeh, Satoshi Kitamura, Devika J. Suri, Hitoshi Murakami,
       Chie Furuta, Daniel Sarpong, F. Saalia, Youzou Nakao, 
       Harold Amonoo-Kuofi, Ricardo Uauy and Yasuhiko Toride -- 
       Assessing poverty-alleviation outcomes of an enterprise-
       led approach to sanitation / Ted London and Heather Esper 
       -- The quiet revolution in Asia's rice value chains / 
       Thomas Reardon, Kevin Z. Chen, Bart Minten, Lourdes 
       Adriano, The Anh Dao, Jianying Wang and Sunipa Das Gupta -
       - Convergent innovation for sustainable economic growth 
       and affordable universal health care: innovating the way 
       we innovate / Laurette Dubé, Srivardhini Jha, Aida Faber, 
       Jeroen Struben, Ted London, Archisman Mohapatra, Nick 
       Drager, Chris Lannon, P. K. Joshi and John McDermott -- 
       Convergent innovation for affordable nutrition, health, 
       and health care: the global pulse roadmap / Srivardhini K.
       Jha, John McDermott, Gordon Bacon, Chris Lannon, P. K. 
       Joshi and Laurette Dubé -- Whole-of-society monitoring 
       framework for sugar, salt, and fat consumption and 
       noncommunicable diseases in India / Narendra K. Arora, 
       Rakesh Pillai, Rajib Dasgupta and Priyanka Rani Garg -- 
       The effects of nutrition labeling on consumer food choice:
       a psychological experiment and computational model / Peter
       Helfer and Thomas R. Shultz -- The political process in 
       global health and nutrition governance: the G8's 2010 
       Muskoka Initiative on Maternal, Child, and Newborn Health 
       / John Kirton, Julia Kulik and Caroline Bracht -- From 
       policy coherence to 21st century convergence: a whole-of-
       society paradigm of human and economic development / 
       Laurette Dubé, Nii A. Addy, Chantal Blouin and Nick Drager
       -- Whole-of-society approach for public health 
       policymaking: a case study of polycentric governance from 
       Quebec, Canada / Nii A. Addy, Alain Poirier, Chantal 
       Blouin, Nick Drager and Laurette Dubé -- Validity and 
       reliability of food security measures / Carlo Cafiero, 
       Hugo R. Melgar-Quiñonez, Terri J. Ballard and Anne W. 
       Kepple -- Mainstreaming nutrition metrics in household 
       surveys: toward a multidisciplinary convergence of data 
       systems / Prabhu L. Pingali and Katie D. Ricketts -- 
       Agriculture, nutrition, and health in global development: 
       typology and metrics for integrated interventions and 
       research / William A. Masters, Patrick Webb, Jeffrey K. 
       Griffiths and Richard J. Deckelbaum -- A method for 
       neighborhood-level surveillance of food purchasing / David
       L. Buckeridge, Katia Charland, Alice Labban and Yu Ma -- A
       nutrition/health mindset on commercial Big Data and 
       drivers of food demand in modern and traditional systems /
       Laurette Dubé, Alice Labban, Jean-Claude Moubarac, 
       Gabriela Heslop, Yu Ma and Catherine Paquet 
520    "The causes of many vexing challenges facing 21st-century 
       society are at the nexus of systems involved in 
       agriculture, health and wealth production, consumption, 
       and distribution. Using food as a test bed, and on the 
       basis of emerging roadmaps that set achievable objectives 
       over a 1- to 3-year horizon, papers in this Annals volume 
       focus on convergence thinking and practice and are 
       structured around four themes: (1) evidence for a need for
       convergence and underlying mechanisms at the individual 
       and societal levels; (2) strategy for mainstreaming 
       convergence as a driver of business engagement and 
       innovation; (3) convergence in policy and governance; (4) 
       convergence in metrics and methods. Papers under each 
       theme are accompanied by a roadmap paper reporting on the 
       current status of concrete transformative convergence-
       building projects associated with that theme. The insights
       provided by these papers have the potential to enable all 
       actors throughout society to singly and collectively work 
       to build supply and demand for nutritious food, in both 
       traditional and modern food systems, while placing the 
       burdens of malnutrition and ill health on their core 
       strategic agendas."--Publisher's description 
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       home page (WileyOnline Library, viewed on January 8, 2015)
650  0 Agriculture|xEconomic aspects 
650  0 Food supply|xEconomic aspects 
650  0 Public health|xEconomic aspects 
650 12 Agriculture|xeconomics 
650 12 Community Health Planning|xeconomics 
650 12 Food Supply|xeconomics 
650 22 Agriculture|xlegislation & jurisprudence 
650 22 Community Health Planning|xlegislation & jurisprudence 
650 22 Food Supply|xlegislation & jurisprudence 
650 22 Agriculture|xhistory 
650 22 Community Health Planning|xhistory 
650 22 Food Supply|xhistory 
700 1  Dubé, Laurette,|eeditor 
700 1  Webb, Patrick,|d1959-|eeditor 
700 1  Arora, Narendra K.,|eeditor 
700 1  Pingali, Prabhu L.,|d1955-|eeditor 
710 2  New York Academy of Sciences,|eissuing body 
776 08 |iPrint version:|tPaths of convergence for agriculture, 
       health, and wealth.|dHoboken, NJ : Published on behalf of 
       the New York Academy of Sciences by Wiley Subscription 
       Services, [2014] 
830  0 Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences ;|vv. 1331 
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