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245 04 The Challenges of systems biology|h[Electronic Resource] :
       |bcommunity efforts to harness biological complexity /
       |cedited by Gustavo Stolovitzky, Pascal Kahlem, Andrea 
260    Hoboken, N.J. :|bWiley InterScience,|c2009 
300    1 online resource  (xii, 316 p.) :|bill 
490 1  Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences,|x0077-8923 ;
       |vv. 1158 
500    "The volume is divided into two parts. Part I features two
       papers selected from the ENFIN-DREAM conference, followed 
       by papers selected from the DREAM2 conference" which took 
       place in Madrid at the Spanish National Cancer Research 
       Centre (CNIO), April 28-29, 2008 and  the DREAM2 meeting 
       sponsored by the New York Academy of Sciences, December 3-
       4, 2007 --pref 
500    "The volume is the result of the Second Dialogue on 
       Reverse Engineering Assessment and Methods (DREAM2) 
       Challenges, posed to the systems biology community between
       July and October, 2007; the DREAM2 Conference, held on 
       December 3-4, 2007 at the New York Academy of Sciences in 
       New York; and the ENFIN-DREAM Conference, Assessment of 
       Computational Methods in Systems Biology, held on April 28
       -29, 2008 in Madrid, Spain"--P. v 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 00 |tRanking genes by their co-expression to subsets of 
       pathway members /|rPriit Adler ... [et al.]  --|tCreating 
       reference datasets for systems biology applications using 
       text mining /|rMartin Krallinger, Ana María Rojas, Alfonso
       Valencia --|tThe condition-dependent transcriptional 
       network in Escherichia coli /|rKaren Lemmens ... [et al.] 
       --|tReverse-engineering transcriptional modules from gene 
       expression data /|rTom Michoel ... [et al.] --
       |tSpecification of spatial relationships in directed 
       graphs of cell signaling networks /|rAzi Lipshtat, Susana 
       R. Neves, Ravi Iyengar --|tUncovering metabolic objectives
       pursued by changes of enzyme levels /|rSabrina Hoffmann, 
       Hermann-Georg Holzhütter --|tModeling of gene regulatory 
       network dynamics using threshold logic /|rTejaswi Gowda, 
       Sarma Vrudhula, Seungchan Kim --|tGlobal robustness and 
       identifiability of random, scale-free, and small-world 
       networks /|rYunchen Gong, Zhaolei Zhang --|tThe five-gene-
       network data analysis with local causal discovery 
       algorithm using causal Bayesian networks /|rChangwon Yoo, 
       Erik M. Brilz --|tCombining multiple results of a reverse-
       engineering algorithm: application to the DREAM five-gene 
       network challenge /|rDaniel Marbach, Claudio Mattiussi, 
       Dario Floreano --|tNetwork inference by combining 
       biologically motivated regulatory constraints with 
       penalized regression /|rFabio Parisi, Heinz Koeppl, Felix 
       Naef --|tA gene network simulator to assess reverse 
       engineering algorithms /|rBarbara Di Camillo, Gianna 
       Toffolo, Claudio Cobelli --|tA network inference workflow 
       applied to virulence-related processes in Salmonella 
       typhimurium /|rRonald C. Taylor ... [et al.] --|tLessons 
       from the DREAM2 challenges: a community effort to assess 
       biological network inference /|rGustavo Stolovitzky, 
       Robert J. Prill, Andrea Califano --|tDREAM2 challenge: 
       integrated multi-array supervised learning algorithm for 
       BCL6 transcriptional targets prediction /|rW.H. Lee ... 
       [et al.] --|tA data integration framework for prediction 
       of transcription factor targets: a BCL6 case study /
       |rMatti Nykter ... [et al.] --|tInferring direct 
       regulatory targets of a transcription factor in the DREAM2
       challenge /|rVinsensius B. Vega ... [et al.] --|tA 
       probabilistic graph-theoretic approach to integrate 
       multiple predictions for the protein-protein subnetwork 
       prediction challenge /|rHon Nian Chua ... [et al.] --
       |tReplaying the evolutionary tape: biomimetic reverse 
       engineering of gene networks /|rDaniel Marbach, Claudio 
       Mattiussi, Dario Floreano --|tInferring gene networks: 
       dream or nightmare?: part 1: challenges 1 and 3 /|rAngela 
       Baralla, Wieslawa I. Mentzen, Alberto de la Fuente --
       |tNIRest: a tool for gene network and mode of action 
       inference /|rMario Lauria, Francesco Iorio, Diego di 
       Bernardo --|tReverse engineering of gene networks with 
       LASSO and nonlinear basis functions /|rMika Gustafsson ...
       [et al.] --|tPrediction of pairwise gene interaction using
       threshold logic /|rTejaswi Gowda, Sarma Vrudhula, 
       Seungchan Kim --|tInferring gene networks: dream or 
       nightmare?: part 2: challenges 4 and 5 /|rAlan Scheinine 
       ... [et al.] --|tInference of regulatory gene interactions
       from expression data using three-way mutual information /
       |rJohn Watkinson ... [et al.] 
588    Description based on print version record 
650  0 Systems biology|vCongresses 
650 12 Systems Biology 
650 22 Gene Regulatory Networks 
700 1  Stolovitzky, Gustavo 
700 1  Kahlem, Pascal 
700 1  Califano, Andrea 
710 2  European Network of Excellence (ENFIN) 
710 2  Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessments and Methods 
711 2  DREAM2 Conference|d(2007 :|cNew York, N.Y.) 
711 2  ENFIN-DREAM Conference|d(2008 :|cMadrid, Spain) 
776 08 |iAlso issued in print:|tchallenges of systems biology.
       |dBoston, Mass. : Published by Blackwell Pub. on behalf of
       the New York Academy of Sciences, 2009|z9781573317511
830  0 Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences ;|vv. 1158 
856 4  |u