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245 00 Trends and directions in climate research|h[Electronic 
       Resource] /|cedited by Luis Gimeno, Ricardo Garcia-Herrera,
       and Ricardo Machado Trigo 
260    New York :|bNew York Academy of Sciences,|c2008 
300    1 electronic book (xi, 375 p.) :|bpdf, html 
490 1  Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences,|x0077-8923 ;
       |vv. 1146 
500    Title from resource title screen (viewed 27 June 2009) 
500    "This volume is the result of joint conferences, the 7th 
       European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting and the 8th
       European Conference on Applications of Meteorology, held 
       in El Escorial, Spain on October 1-5, 2007."--P. vii 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 00 |tShips' logbooks in climatological research: Reflections 
       and prospects /|rD. Wheeler and R. Garcia-Herrera --
       |tProceedings of the 8th european conference on 
       applications of meteorology, september 2007, madrid, spain
       /|r--|tThe enso signal in the stratosphere /|rN. Calvo, R.
       Garcia-Herrera and R.R. Garcia --|tHemispheric asymmetries
       in the quasibiennial oscillation signature on the mid- to 
       high-latitude circulation of the stratosphere /|rC. Pena-
       Ortiz ... [et al.] --|tCryosphere-atmosphere interaction 
       related to variability and change of northern hemisphere 
       annular mode /|rR. Bojariu ... [et al.] --|tThe role of 
       stochastic forcing on the behavior of thermohaline 
       circulation /|rM.N. Lorenzo ... [et al.] --|tAre 
       reanalysis data useful for calculating climate indices 
       over south america? /|rA.S. Dufek, T. Ambrizzi and R.P. da
       Rocha --|tClassifications of atmospheric circulation 
       patterns: Recent advances and applications /|rR. Huth ... 
       [et al.] --|tThe intra-americas sea low-level jet: 
       Overview and future research /|rJ.A. Amador --|tLarge-
       scale factors in tropical and extratropical cyclone 
       transition and extreme weather events /|rA.B. Pezza and I.
       Simmonds --|tThe impact of north atlantic wind and cyclone
       trends on european precipitation and significant wave 
       height in the atlantic /|rR.M. Trigo ... [et al.] --|tA 
       climatology based on reanalysis of baroclinic 
       developmental regions in the extratropical northern 
       hemisphere /|rL. de la Torre ... [et al.] --
       |tIdentification and climatology of cut-off lows near the 
       tropopause /|rR. Nieto ... [et al.] --|tThe estimation of 
       probable maximum precipitation: The case of catalonia /
       |rM.C. Casas ... [et al.] --|tDaily rainfall variability 
       over northeastern argentina in the la plata river basin /
       |rN.O. Garcia and R.A. Pedraza --|tSpatio-temporal 
       upwelling trends along the canary upwelling system (1967-
       2006) /|rM. Gomez-Gesteira ... [et al.] --|tImpacts of 
       climate change and variability on european agriculture: 
       Results of inventory analysis in cost 734 countries /|rS. 
       Orlandini ... [et al.] --|tAdvances in urban climate 
       modeling /|rJ. Hidalgo ... [et al.] 
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655  0 Electronic books 
700 1  Gimeno, Luis 
700 1  Garcia Herrera, Ricardo 
700 1  Trigo, Ricardo Machado 
710 2  European Meteorological Society.|bMeeting|n(7th :|d2007 :
       |cEl Escorial, Spain) 
711 2  European Conference on Applications of Meteorology|n(8th :
       |d2007 :|cEl Escorial, Spain) 
776 08 |iAlso issued in print:|tTrends and directions in climate 
       research.|dBoston, Mass. : Published by Blackwell Pub. on 
       behalf of the New York Academy of Sciences, 2008
       |z9781573317320|w(DLC)  2008036142|w(OCoLC)244695372 
830  0 Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences ;|vv. 1146 
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