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111 2  European-Middle Asian Conference on Computer Modelling
       |n(1st :|d2015 :|cIssyk-Kul Region, Kyrgyzstan) 
245 10 Intelligent systems for computer modelling :|bproceedings 
       of the 1st European-Middle Asian Conference on Computer 
       Modelling 2015, EMACOM 2015 /|cedited by Vitezslav 
       Styskala, Dmitrii Kolosov, Vaclav Snasel, Taalaybek 
       Karakeyev, Ajith Abraham 
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490 1  Advances in intelligent systems and computing,|x2194-5357 
505 0  Finite Element Modelling of T-Plate for Treatment of 
       Distal Radius -- The Enlarged D-Q Model of Induction Motor
       with the Iron Loss and Saturation Effect of Magnetizing 
       and Leakage Inductance -- Fuzzy Model Based Intelligent 
       Prediction of Objective Events -- Using Multiple Scanning 
       Devices for 3-D Modeling -- More Effective Control of 
       Linear Switched-Reluctance Motor Based on the Research of 
       Electromagnetic Processes of Field Theory Methods Linear 
       Electrical Machines -- Numerical Simulation of the 
       Structural Elements of a Mobile Micro-Hydroelectric Power 
       Plant of Derivative Type -- Complex System Modeling with 
       General Dierential Equations Solved by Means of Polynomial
       Networks -- Monte Carlo Probabilistic Approach Applied for
       Solving Problems in Mining Engineering -- Investment Funds
       Management Strategy Based on Polynomial Regression in 
       Machine Learning -- Detecting Hidden Patterns in European 
       Song Contest - Eurovision 2014 -- Numerical Solution of 
       Volterra Linear Integral Equation of the Third Kind -- 
       Cluster Analysis of Data with Reduced Dimensionality: an 
       Empirical Study -- Comparison of Energy Near-Optimal 
       Control Laws for the Drives with Constant and Linear 
       Frictions -- Systems of Temporal Logic for a Use of 
       Engineering. Toward a More Practical Approach -- Software 
       Determining Optimum Order for Maintenance -- Statistical 
       Evaluation of Dimmable Interior Lighting System 
       Consumption Using Daylight -- User Identication by 
       Biometric Methods -- Energy Modelling of the Building -- 
       Reconstruction of 4D CTA Brain Perfusion Images Using 
       Transformation Methods -- Segmentation of Macular Lesions 
       Using Active Shape Contour Method -- Mathematical and 
       Experimental Analyses of a Compression Ignition (CI) 
       Engine Run on a Bioethanol Diesel Emulsion -- Modelling of
       Antiphase Noise Reduction of a Transformer 
520    This volume of Advances in Intelligent Systems and 
       Computing contains papers presented at the 1st European-
       Middle Asian Conference on Computer Modelling, EMACOM 
       2015. This international conference was conceived as a 
       brand new scientific and social event of mutual 
       collaboration between the VSB - Technical University of 
       Ostrava (Ostrava, Czech Republic) and the Kyrgyz National 
       University named after J. Balasagyn (Bishkek, Kyrgyz 
       Republic) The aim of EMACOM 2015 was to present the latest
       development in the field of computer-aided modelling as an
       essential aspect of research and development of innovative
       systems and their applications. The conference showed that
       together with simulations, various modeling techniques, 
       enabled and encouraged by the rapid development of high-
       performance computing platforms, are crucial for cost-
       efficient design, verification, and prototyping of 
       solutions in many diverse industrial fields spanning the 
       whole range from manufacturing, mining, machinery, and 
       automotive industries to infrastructure planning and 
       development, economics, energy, and modern agriculture and
       food industry 
650  0 Computer simulation|vCongresses 
650 14 Engineering 
650 24 Computational Intelligence 
650 24 Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics) 
650 24 Simulation and Modeling 
700 1  Styskala, Vitezslav,|eeditor 
700 1  Kolosov, Dmitrii,|eeditor 
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