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100 1  Fisher, Adam 
245 10 Mashed 
300    29 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 48-04, 
       page: 1876 
500    Adviser: Tom Gasek 
502    Thesis (M.F.A.)--Rochester Institute of Technology, 2010 
520    My thesis film, "Mashed", was created with multiple 
       purposes in mind. I wanted to use and build on everything 
       I learned at RIT, entertain both young and old audiences, 
       and support my belief that shooting mediums should be a 
       choice tailored to fit the needs and purposes of a 
       character in a film. Popular trends in animation and 
       visual effects sometimes overshadow the fact that 
       technological advancements benefit more than just computer
       -generated graphics. Convincing stop-motion characters 
       (and characters of other mediums) can benefit from these 
       same advancements, and even coexist with multiple other 
       styles within the same frame 
520    My film is framed in a situation familiar to nearly 
       everyone. It uses three major characters to tell its story,
       each of which is photographed separately using different 
       filmmaking techniques. I have a real boy shot on HD video,
       a mashed potato monster brought to life with stop-motion 
       animation, and a television super-hero created using 
       computer-generated images. This production required three 
       very distinct pipelines, each of which presented its own 
       batch of challenges and adventures. The results were 
       blended together into a film that I hope will not stand 
       out as an attempt to mix media, but rather as a well-told 
       story that was made using wise choices to create the 
       strongest, most believable characters possible out of what
       was written on the page 
590    School code: 0465 
650  4 Fine Arts 
650  4 Cinema 
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710 2  Rochester Institute of Technology.|bImaging Arts/Computer 
773 0  |tMasters Abstracts International|g48-04 
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