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作者 Hill, Judith Christine
書名 Phase field methods for flows with elastic membranes
國際標準書號 0496702302
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說明 104 p
附註 Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 65-02, Section: B, page: 0956
Adviser: Omar Ghattas
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Carnegie Mellon University, 2004
An open area of research in computational fluid dynamics is the study of multi-fluid flows, phenomena which arise in many real-world fluid mechanics applications. The study of these flows necessitates an understanding of dynamic and deforming interfaces. Numerically, accurately resolving and tracking the complex motion of the interfaces in both time and space presents many numerical and algorithmic difficulties. Incorporating mechanical effects at the interface, such as surface tension and elasticity, into a model for the fluid motion presents additional challenges
Existing numerical techniques for representing an interface are generally characterized as either front-tracking or front-capturing. Front-tracking methods have the advantage that the interface is sharply resolved; however, numerically, large deformations result in degenerate elements in the finite element mesh, necessitating frequent re-discretization of the domain. The computational geometry required to maintain a quality propagating mesh as it deforms is particularly difficult, especially in three dimensions. Front-capturing methods are an attractive alternative for interfaces and boundaries undergoing large deformations and topological changes. However, front-capturing techniques do not exactly resolve the location of the interface; thus, interfacial forces are smeared across a finite region near the interface
This work proposes a phase field model, a front-capturing Eulerian method, representing multi-fluid flow. In addition, this work introduces an Eulerian formulation for an elastic membrane embedded in the fluid motion. Elasticity is an inherently Lagrangian quantity; the elastic response requires knowledge of the history of the elastic deformation. Prior attempts to incorporate interface mechanics have generally either (1) been limited to incorporating surface tension, an inherently Eulerian quantity, into front-capturing methods or (2) for elasticity, required a Lagrangian description of the interface. This work demonstrates that front-capturing Eulerian methods can be used to model Lagrangian quantities
This thesis introduces the phase field method for representing multi-fluid flow. A sharp interface model of the elastic membrane stresses is derived and, using the phase field methods, integrated into the Eulerian model for fluid flow. Examples demonstrating the effect of the elastic membrane on the deformation and flow of a binary fluid are presented
School code: 0041
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 65-02B
主題 Engineering, Environmental
Engineering, Civil
Alt Author Carnegie Mellon University
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