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245 00 Revival of shelf acetabuloplasty /|cedited by Shiro Hirose
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505 0  Mid-term results of modified Spitzy shelf acetabuloplasty 
       -- From the point of view in beginner of shelf 
       acetabuloplasty -- Short term results of revers procedure 
       of shelf osteotomy -- Less invasive modified Spitzy shelf 
       procedure for patients with dysplasia of the hip -- The 
       modified Spitzy shelf operation using absorbable fixation 
       device -- Endoscopic shelf acetabuloplasty for treating 
       patients with developmental dysplasia of the hip -- Shelf 
       acetabuloplasty for children with Perthes disease -- 
       Indication and mid-term results of Spitzy's 
       acetabuloplasty for osteoarthritis of the hip 
520    This book provides an up-to-date overview of shelf 
       acetabuloplasty, a traditional procedure for acetabular 
       dysplasia. Originally, shelf acetabuloplasty was mainly 
       intended for the treatment of developmental dysplasia of 
       the hip (DDH) in children and adolescents. However, 
       secondary osteoarthritis of the hip due to DDH is more 
       common than primary osteoarthritis, and shelf 
       acetabuloplasty was subsequently applied to such cases in 
       adults. Recently, periacetabular pelvic osteotomies, such 
       as the rotational acetabular osteotomy have established 
       themselves and are broadly indicated as joint-preserving 
       operations for secondary hip osteoarthritis. With the 
       increased interest in pelvic osteotomies, the role of 
       shelf acetabuloplasty as a reliable and safe procedure now
       needs to be redefined. Each chapter was prepared by an 
       expert in his or her field. The authors highlight the 
       essence of the indication, discuss advanced and cutting-
       edge techniques, and assess the outcomes of shelf 
       acetabuloplasty. Taken together, they provide a valuable 
       contribution to hip surgery 
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650 24 Surgical Orthopedics 
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