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100 1  Hischak, Thomas S 
245 10 100 greatest American and British animated films
       |h[electronic resource] /|cThomas S. Hischak 
260    Lanham, Maryland :|bRowman & Littlefield, an imprint of 
       The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc,|c2018 
300    1 online resource (396 p.) 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
520 3  Animation has been a staple of the filmmaking process 
       since the early days of cinema. Animated shorts had been 
       produced for decades, but not until 1937 did a major 
       studio venture into animated features when Walt Disney 
       produced Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Of the hundreds 
       of animated feature films made since, many have proven 
       their importance over the years while also entertaining 
       generations of audiences. There are also many recent 
       animated movies that promise to become classics in the 
       field. In 100 Greatest American British Animated Films, 
       Thomas S, Hischak looks at the most innovative, 
       influential, and entertaining features that have been 
       produced since the late 1930s-from traditional hand-drawn 
       works and stop-motion films to computer-generated wonders.
       These movies have been selected not simply because of 
       their popularity or critical acceptance but for their 
       importance. Entries in this volume contain - plot 
       information - production history - critical reaction - 
       commentary on the film's cinematic quality - a discussion 
       of the film's influence - voice casts - production credits
       - songs - sequels, spin-offs, Broadway versions, and 
       television adaptations - awards and nominations Each movie
       is also discussed in the context of its original release 
       as well as the ways in which the film has lived on in the 
       years since. Familiar favorites and lesser-known gems are 
       included, making the book a fascinating journey for both 
       the avid animation fan and the everyday moviegoer. With a 
       sweeping look at more than eight decades of movies, 100 
       Greatest American and British Animated Films highlights 
       some of the most treasured features of all time 
650  0 Animated films|zUnited States|xHistory and criticism 
650  0 Animated films|zGreat Britain|xHistory and criticism 
650  0 Animated films 
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