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100 1  Hoge, Matthew 
245 14 The microfinance marvel: Where does hope meet reality? 
300    154 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 49-03, 
       page: 1546 
500    Adviser: Melissa Birch 
502    Thesis (M.A.)--University of Kansas, 2010 
520    There is an immense worldwide focus on microfinance as a 
       means to abate poverty. What began as small loans provided
       to microentrepreneurs for business purposes has come to 
       include consumer loans and other financial services for 
       the poor, provided in an increasingly commercial 
       environment. Microfinance has experienced rapid growth and
       created high expectations due to its perceived ability to 
       produce economic benefits and lead to improvements in 
       areas like gender relations and health and education. 
       Microcredit has been especially useful for vulnerable, 
       self-employed individuals working in the informal economy 
520    However, microfinance is not an effective tool to spur 
       economic growth on a national or even regional level, and 
       cannot live up to the hopes it has produced. This thesis 
       will look at important concerns and limitations related to
       what has become a global microfinance movement. The 
       analysis is influenced by experiences as an intern in 
       Paraguay with Fundacion Paraguaya, a development 
       organization that offers group and individual microloans 
590    School code: 0099 
650  4 Business Administration, Entrepreneurship 
650  4 Economics, General 
650  4 Latin American Studies 
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710 2  University of Kansas.|bLatin American Studies 
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