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245 00 Biofuels :|bgreenhouse gas mitigation and global warming :
       next generation biofuels and role of biotechnology /
       |cedited by Ashwani Kumar, Shinjiro Ogita, Yuan-Yeu Yau 
264  1 New Delhi :|bSpringer India :|bImprint: Springer,|c2018 
300    1 online resource (xxiii, 432 pages) :|billustrations, 
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520    This timely book is a compilation of edited articles by 
       distinguished international scientists discussing global 
       warming, its causes as well as present and future 
       solutions. Social and economic growth at global level is 
       measured in terms of GDP, which requires energy inputs 
       generally based on fossil fuel resources. These, however, 
       are major contributors to increasing levels of CO2, 
       causing 15 tonnes of green house gas emissions per capita.
       Renewable sources of energy offer an alternative to fossil
       fuels, and would help reduce this to the 2 tonnes of 
       greenhouse gas emissions per capita per annum needed to 
       achieve sustainable growth. As such, the book discusses 
       the next-generation of biofuels and all related aspects, 
       based on the editors' significant investigations on 
       biofuels over the last 30 years. It also presents the 
       latest research findings from research work carried out by
       contemporary researchers. Presenting global biofuel 
       perspectives, it examines various issues related to 
       sustainable development of biofuels in the contexts of 
       agriculture, forestry, industry and economic growth. It 
       covers the 1st to 4th generation biofuels, as well as the 
       status of biofuel resources and their potential in carbon 
       neutral economy. Offering a comprehensive, state-of-art 
       overview of current and future biofuels at local and 
       global levels, this book appeals to administrators, policy
       makers, universities and research institutions 
650  0 Biomass energy 
650 14 Energy 
650 24 Renewable and Green Energy 
650 24 Climate Change 
650 24 Agriculture 
650 24 Popular Science in Nature and Environment 
650 24 Educational Technology 
650 24 Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology 
700 1  Kumar, Ashwani,|eeditor 
700 1  Ogita, Shinjiro,|eeditor 
700 1  Yau, Yuan-Yeu,|eeditor 
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