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245 00 Situated dialog in speech-based human-computer interaction
       /|cedited by Alexander Rudnicky, Antoine Raux, Ian Lane, 
       Teruhisa Misu 
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300    1 online resource (vii, 225 pages) :|billustrations (some 
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490 1  Signals and communication technology,|x1860-4862 
505 0  Evaluation of Statistical POMDP-based Dialogue Systems in 
       Noisy Environments -- Syntactic Filtering and Content-
       based Retrieval of Twitter Sentences for the Generation of
       System Utterances in Dialogue Systems -- Integrated 
       Interpretation and Generation of Task-Oriented Dialog -- 
       Justification and Transparency Explanations in Dialogue 
       Systems to Maintain Human-Computer Trust -- Dialogue 
       Management for User-centered Adaptive Dialogue -- Chat-
       like Conversational System based on Selection of Reply 
       Generating Module with Reinforcement Learning -- 
       Investigating Critical Speech Recognition Errors in Spoken
       Short Messages -- 8. The HRI-CMU Corpus of Situated In-Car
       Interactions -- Detecting 'Request Alternatives' User 
       Dialog Acts from Dialog Context -- Emotion and Its 
       Triggers in Human Spoken Dialogue: Recognition and 
       Analysis -- Evaluation of In-Car SDS Notification Concepts
       for Incoming Proactive Events -- Construction and Analysis
       of a Persuasive Dialogue Corpus -- Evaluating Model that 
       Predicts When People will Speak to a Humanoid Robot and 
       Handling Variations of Individuals and Instructions -- 
       Entrainment in Pedestrian Direction Giving: How many kinds
       of entrainment? -- Situated Interaction in a Multilingual 
       Spoken Information Access Framework -- WFSTDM Builder - 
       Network-based Spoken Dialogue System Builder for Easy 
       Prototyping -- A demonstration of a natural-language 
       pedestrian routing system -- Web-based Multimodal Multi-
       domain Spoken Dialogue System -- A Framework for Domain-
       specific Multi-modal Dialog System Creation -- A Trialogue
       -Based Spoken Dialogue System for Assessment of English 
       Language Learners -- A Turbo-Decoding Weighted Forward-
       Backward Algorithm for Multimodal Speech Recognition -- 
       Engine-independent ASR Error Management for Dialog Systems
       -- Restoring Incorrectly Segmented Keywords and Turn-
       Taking Caused by Short Pauses -- Investigating Critical 
       Speech Recognition Errors in Spoken Short Messages -- A 
       semi-automated evaluation metric for dialogue model 
520    This book provides a survey of the state-of-the-art in the
       practical implementation of Spoken Dialog Systems for 
       applications in everyday settings. It includes 
       contributions on key topics in situated dialog interaction
       from a number of leading researchers and offers a broad 
       spectrum of perspectives on research and development in 
       the area. In particular, it presents applications in 
       robotics, knowledge access and communication and covers 
       the following topics: dialog for interacting with robots; 
       language understanding and generation; dialog 
       architectures and modeling; core technologies; and the 
       analysis of human discourse and interaction. The 
       contributions are adapted and expanded contributions from 
       the 2014 International Workshop on Spoken Dialog Systems 
       (IWSDS 2014), where researchers and developers from 
       industry and academia alike met to discuss and compare 
       their implementation experiences, analyses and empirical 
650  0 Natural language processing (Computer science) 
650  0 Human-computer interaction 
650 14 Engineering 
650 24 Signal, Image and Speech Processing 
650 24 User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction 
650 24 Pattern Recognition 
650 24 Computational Linguistics 
700 1  Rudnicky, Alexander,|eeditor 
700 1  Raux, Antoine,|eeditor 
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700 1  Misu, Teruhisa,|eeditor 
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