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100 1  LeDuc, Leah Gail 
245 10 Detection of dissimulation among Social Security 
       disability applicants using the WMS-III 
300    54 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 66-
       03, Section: B, page: 1723 
500    Chairman: Merle Canfield 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--Alliant International University, Fresno, 
520    The Rey 15-Item Test, a measure designed to detect 
       malingering of memory impairment, is the measure most 
       commonly requested by the Department of Social Security 
       for the purpose of detection of dissimulation among Social
       Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applicants. Research 
       has indicated that the Rey 15-Item Test may be 
       inappropriate for detecting malingering among persons with
       actual memory disorders and mental retardation, two 
       conditions that are common among SSDI applicants 
520    An alternate measure of malingering, presented by Killgore
       and DellaPietra (2000a), utilizes response bias to items 
       on the Logical Memory Delayed Recognition subtest of the 
       Wechsler Memory Scale, Third Edition, to detect 
       dissimulation based on six rarely missed items of the 
       subtest. Another measure, presented by Mittenberg, Azrin, 
       Millsaps, and Heilbronner (1993), utilizes difference 
       scores between the General Memory Index and the Attention/
       Concentration Index of the Wechsler Memory Scale, Revised 
       Edition, to detect malingering. Mittenberg et al. 
       hypothesized that an individual's capacity for attention 
       and concentration should be at least that of his or her 
       capacity for memory in general 
520    As the latter two measures of malingering utilize the 
       Wechsler Memory Scale, a measure included in the standard 
       battery of tests requested to be administered to adult 
       SSDI applicants, it was proposed that one or both of these
       measures might be used in lieu of the additionally 
       administered Rey 15-Item Test, thereby potentially 
       reducing costs and eliminating ethical concerns aroused by
       the negative literature regarding this measure. The 
       results indicated that the three measures of malingering 
       were not significantly correlated among each other. These 
       findings cast doubt upon the validity of malingering 
       indices employed by this study 
590    School code: 1435 
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650  4 Psychology, Clinical 
650  4 Psychology, Psychometrics 
650  4 Sociology, Public and Social Welfare 
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710 20 Alliant International University, Fresno 
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