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111 2  GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition|n(1st :
       |d2017 :|cEgypt) 
245 10 Engineering geology and geological engineering for 
       sustainable use of the Earth's resources, urbanization and
       infrastructure protection from geohazards :|bproceedings 
       of the 1st GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition,
       Egypt 2017 on sustainable civil infrastructures /|cedited 
       by Janusz Wasowski, Daniele Giordan, Piernicola Lollino 
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490 1  Sustainable civil infrastructures,|x2366-3405 
505 0  1 Site investigation using engineering geology mapping and
       geological hazard evaluation: Case study of the New Hail 
       Economic City, Hail Region, KSA -- 2 Pre-design Site 
       Investigation for an Oil and Gas Facility in the Marginal 
       lands of the Nigerian Niger Delta Sub-region -- 3 
       Geotechnical Properties of Expansive Clay Shale in El-
       Mahrowsa, Qena, Egypt -- 4 Contribution of Zeolite to 
       Deterioration of Pelitic Rocks from Asu-River Group and 
       variation of the Deterioration with Water Sorption -- 5 
       Detection of elastic region varied by inherent anisotropy 
       of reconstituted Toyoura sand 
520    The ongoing population growth is resulting in rapid 
       urbanization, new infrastructure development and 
       increasing demand for the Earth's natural resources (e.g.,
       water, oil/gas, minerals) This, together with the current 
       climate change and increasing impact of natural hazards, 
       imply that the engineering geology profession is called 
       upon to respond to new challenges. It is recognized that 
       these challenges are particularly relevant in the 
       developing and newly industrialized regions. The idea 
       beyond this volume is to highlight the role of engineering
       geology and geological engineering in fostering 
       sustainable use of the Earth's resources, smart 
       urbanization and infrastructure protection from 
       geohazards. We selected 19 contributions from across the 
       globe (16 countries, five continents), which cover a wide 
       spectrum of applied interdisciplinary and 
       multidisciplinary research, from geology to engineering. 
       By illustrating a series of practical case studies, the 
       volume offers a rather unique opportunity to share the 
       experiences of engineering geologists and geological 
       engineers who tackle complex problems working in different
       environmental and social settings. The specific topics 
       addressed by the authors of chapters included in the 
       volume are the following: pre-design site investigations; 
       physical and mechanical properties of engineering soils; 
       novel, affordable sensing technologies for long-term 
       geotechnical monitoring of engineering structures; slope 
       stability assessments and monitoring in active open-cast 
       mines; control of environmental impacts and hazards posed 
       by abandoned coal mines; assessment of and protection from
       geohazards (landslides, ground fracturing, coastal 
       erosion); applications of geophysical surveying to 
       investigate active faults and ground instability; 
       numerical modeling of seabed deformations related to 
       active faulting; deep geological repositories and waste 
       disposal; aquifer assessment based on the integrated 
       hydrogeological and geophysical investigation; use of 
       remote sensing and GIS tools for the detection of 
       environmental hazards and mapping of surface geology. This
       volume is part of the proceedings of the 1st GeoMEast 
       International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil
       Infrastructures, Egypt 2017 
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650 14 Earth Sciences 
650 24 Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences 
650 24 Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics 
650 24 Building Construction and Design 
650 24 Engineering Design 
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