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100 1  Magowan, Joy Renee 
245 12 A comparative content analysis of the additions and 
       amendments to the primary treaties of the European Union: 
       Reflecting the manifestation of an evolving shared vision 
       within the European Union 
300    189 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 67-
       06, Section: A, page: 2344 
500    Adviser: Alex Kondonassis 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--The University of Oklahoma, 2006 
520    This research focuses on the development of the European 
       Union and on the primary treaties that have been adopted 
       over time and have helped define the goals and structure 
       of the European Union. A comparative content analysis of 
       additions and amendments to primary European Union 
       treaties provides a metaperspective of the treaty process,
       revealing a pattern of EU development, shedding light on 
       EU integration and on the extent that incremental changes 
       to the treaties may be the manifestation of an evolving 
       shared vision within the European Union. Also considered 
       is the role of text in reifying belief systems and 
       legitimizing institutions. The analysis confirms that the 
       economic foundations established with the European Coal 
       and Steel Community in 1952, and with the European 
       economic Community in 1958 continue to be at the heart of 
       the European Union even as the European Union has expanded
       into non-economic areas 
590    School code: 0169 
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650  4 Economics, General 
650  4 Political Science, International Law and Relations 
650  4 Language, Rhetoric and Composition 
650  4 Sociology, Social Structure and Development 
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710 20 The University of Oklahoma 
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