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MAWER, NOEL DORMAN : 中央研究院; 電子書     
Mawere, Munyaradzi    
      Africa Focus Debates on Contemporary Contentious Biomedical Issues   電腦檔 2011
      African Belief and Knowledge Systems : A Critical Perspective   電腦檔 2011
      African Cultures, Memory and Space : Living the Past Presence in Zimbabwean Heritage   電腦檔 2014
      African Museums in the Making : Reflections on the Politics of Material and Public Culture in Zimbabwe   電腦檔 2015
24 其他項目    
Mawet, F : 傅斯年圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Le ciel dans les civilisations orientales = Heaven in the oriental civilizations / éd. par C. Cannuyer ... [et al.]   紙本資料 1999
Mawgridge, John, 1676-1708    
      The life and penitent death of John Mawgridge, gent. who was executed for the murder of captain Cope. Penn'd from his own accont [sic] of himself, and approv'd of by him, before his death.   電腦檔 1708
      The tower tragedy Or, an account of a cruel bloody and inhumane murther, committed by Mr. Maugridge, ... on the body of Captain Cope, ... With his examination before Justice Smith in Goodman's-Fields, and his commitment last night to Newgate.   電腦檔 1706
Mawhin, J.,    
      Coincidence degree and nonlinear differential equations / Robert E. Gaines, Jean L. Mawhin 在架上   紙本資料 1977
      Coincidence degree and nonlinear differential equations Robert E. Gaines, Jean L. Mawhin   電子書 1977
      Critical point theory and Hamiltonian systems / Jean Mawhin, Michel Willem 在架上   紙本資料 c1989
      Encyclopaedia of Mathematics, Supplement III by S.S. Abhyankar, V. Abramov, A. Adem, L. Aizenberg, S. Albeverio, Luís J. Alías, H. Andréka, B.N. Apanasov, I. Assani, K. Atanassov, S. Axler, A. Bagchi, K. Balachandran, R.B. Bapat, C. Bardos, T. Bartsch, P.W. Bates, E.S. Belinsky, A. Ben-Israel, R.D. Benguria, Ch. Berg, V. Bergelson, F. Beukers, A. Bloch, D.L. Boley, C. Boor, J.-P. Brasselet, R. Brown, W. Dale Brownawell, T. Brzezinski, M. Buhmann, A. Bultheel, D. Bump, S. Caenepeel, R.E. Cafli   電子書 2002
5 其他項目    
Mawhin, Jean    
      International Conference on Differential Equations, Hasselt, Belgium, 22 - 26 July 2003 / edited by Freddy Dumortier, ... [et al.] 在架上   紙本資料 2005
      Oeuvres scientifiques = Collected works / Charles-Jean de La Vallee Poussin ; edited by Paul Butzer, Jean Mawhin, Pasquale Vetro 在架上   紙本資料 2000-
Mawhiney, Anne-Marie : 民族所圖書館, 傅斯年圖書館 ; 紙本資料     
      Towards aboriginal self-government : relations between status Indian peoples and the government of Canada / by Anne-Marie Mawhiney 在架上   紙本資料 1994
Mawhinney, John    
      Understanding the dynamics of the value chain William D. Presutti, Jr. and John Mawhinney   電腦檔 2013
      Understanding the Dynamics of the Value Chain   電腦檔 2013
Mawhinney, Lynnette, 1979- / author : 人文社會聯圖; 紙本資料     
      There has to be a better way : lessons from former urban teachers / Lynnette Mawhinney and Carol R. Rinke ; foreword by Christopher Day 在架上   紙本資料 2019
Mawhinney, Mark : 資訊服務處; 電腦檔     
      International Construction   電腦檔 2001
Mawhirter, Dianne M : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Learned response by the preterm infant in the neonatal intensive care unit to repeated heelsticks: An exploratory study   電子書
Mawhood, Pararicini    
      An address to the public: setting forth, amongst other things, a case of unlawful imprisonment; and introductory to an essay which will be shortly published, intitled, Thoughts on the several regulations necessary to the appointment of an advocate-general   電腦檔 1775
      An appeal to the public relative to a cause lately determined in the court of Chancery in four letters to Mr John Vernon, of Southampton-Buildings, solicitor. With a prefatory address to the reader.   電腦檔 1774
      The necessity of limiting the power of the practitioners in the several courts of justice and of making effectual the law for taxing the bills of attornies and solicitors: in a letter to Alexander Wedderburne, ...   電腦檔 1774
      A petition intended to have been presented to the High Court of Judicature, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in Parliament assembled Relative to a case heretofore published, and entitled, An appeal to the public, relative to a cause lately determined in the Court of Chancery   電腦檔 1774
Mawila, Felicity Ntwanano Kaluke : 資訊服務處; 紙本資料     
      Manifestations of race and gender equity post-merger: A case study of a merger in South African higher education   紙本資料
Mawis, Soledad Margarita Deriquito- / author : 亞太中心圖書室; 紙本資料     
      Family law / Katrina Legarda, Soledad Margarita Deriquito-Mawis, Flordeliza C Vargas ; assisted by Abygail Villafuerte 在架上   紙本資料 2014
Mawji, Afzal : 中央研究院; 紙本資料     
      A framework for peer-to-peer computing in mobile ad hoc networks   紙本資料
Mawkanuli, Talant : 傅斯年圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Jungar Tuvan texts / Talant Mawkanuli 在架上   紙本資料 2005
Mawn, Louise : 資訊服務處; 電腦檔     
      Surgical Anatomy of the Ocular Adnexa : A Clinical Approach   電腦檔 2012
Mawṣilī, Ilyās, fl. 1668 : 歐美所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      An Arab's journey to colonial Spanish America : the travels of Elias al-Mûsili in the seventeenth century / translated from the Arabic and edited by Caesar E. Farah 在架上   紙本資料 2003
Mawṣililī, Aḥmad    
      Historical dictionary of Islamic fundamentalist movements in the Arab world, Iran, and Turkey / Ahmad S. Moussalli 館內使用   紙本資料 1999
      The Islamic quest for democracy, pluralism, and human rights / Ahmad S. Moussalli 在架上   紙本資料 c2001
Mawson, Anthony R    
      Mass panic and social attachment : the dynamics of human behavior / Anthony R. Mawson 在架上   紙本資料 c2007
      Mass panic and social attachment the dynamics of human behavior / Anthony R. Mawson   電腦檔 c2007
Mawson, Anthony R, Prof Dr : 資訊服務處; 電腦檔     
      Mass Panic and Social Attachment : The Dynamics of Human Behavior   電腦檔 2007
Mawson, C. O. Sylvester (Christopher Orlando Sylvester), 1870-1938, / editor : 人社中心; 紙本資料     
      Roget's pocket thesaurus : based on Roget's international thesaurus of English words and phrases / edited by C.O. Sylvester Mawson, assisted by Katharine Aldrich Whiting 館內使用   紙本資料 1977
Mawson, Captain : 中央研究院; 電腦檔     
      The just vengeance of heaven exemplify'd. In a journal lately found by Captain Mawson, (Commander of the Ship Compton) on the island of Ascension. As he was homeward-bound from India. In which is a full and exact relation of the author's being set on shore there (by order of the Commodore and Captains of the Dutch fleet) for a most enormous crime he had been guilty of, and the extreme and unparallel'd hardships, sufferings, and misery he endur'd, from the time of his being left there, to that of   電腦檔 1730?
Mawson, Chris, / author of introduction, etc : 生命科學圖書館; 電腦檔     
      War memoirs, 1917-1919 / Wilfred R. Bion ; edited by Francesca Bion ; introduction by Chris Mawson   電腦檔 1997
Mawson, Christopher Orlando Sylvester, 1870-1938    
      The new universal atlas of the world : maps as they were and will be / by C. O. Sylvester Mawson 館內使用   紙本資料 c1917
      The new Roget's Thesaurus of the English language in dictionary form 修補中, 館內使用   紙本資料 1961
      International book of names : a dictionary of the more difficult proper names in literature, history, philosophy, religion, art, music, and other studies, together with the official form and pronunciation of the names of present=day celebrities and places throughout the world, with post-war geographical changes duly incorporated / by C. O. Sylvester Mawson 館內使用   紙本資料 1934
Mawson, John : 歐美所圖書館, 人文社會聯圖 ; 紙本資料     
      British regionalism and devolution : the challenges of state reform and European integration / edited by Jonathan Bradbury and John Mawson 在架上   紙本資料 1997
Mawson, Matthias, 1683-1770    
      The duty of doing as we would be done unto; enforced and recommended in a sermon preached in the Cathedral-Church of St. Paul. on Saturday, January 25th, MDCCXXIII. At the revival of the anniversary meeting of the gentlemen educated at St. Paul's school. By Matthias Mawson,   電腦檔 1723
      The mischiefs of division with respect both to religion and civil government. A sermon preach'd before the House of Lords, in the abbey-church of Westminster. On Monday, January 30, 1745-6. ... the day of the martyrdom of King Charles I. By Matthias Lord Bishop of Chichester   電腦檔 1746
      A sermon preach'd before the House of Lords, in the Abby-Church of Westminster, on Wednesday, February 4th, 1740. ... By Matthias Lord Bishop of Chichester   電腦檔 1741
      A sermon preach'd before the Right Honorable the Lord-Mayor the court of aldermen, and sheriffs, and the governors of the several hospitals within the City of London: in the parish-church of St. Bridget, on Monday in Easter-week, 1741. By Matthias Lord Bishop of Chichester.   電腦檔 1741
3 其他項目    
Mawson, Suzanne, / author : 人文社會聯圖; 紙本資料     
      Social entrepreneurs : can they change the world? / by Marcus Thompson, Suzanne Mawson, Frank Martin 在架上   紙本資料 2017
Mawson, Sylvester / 著 : 近史所郭廷以圖書館; 紙本資料     
      英语外来语词典 = Dictionary of foreign terms / Sylvester Mawson著 ; 沈叙伦译 館內使用   紙本資料 1990
Mawson, T. J    
      Belief in God : An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion   電腦檔 2005
      Free will : a guide for the perplexed / T.J. Mawson 到期 01-03-22   紙本資料 c2011
Mawyer, Alexander Dale    
      "TV talk" and processes of media receptivity in the production of identities in the Gambier Islands, French Polynesia   紙本資料
      Vārua Tupu : new writing from French Polynesia / Frank Stewart, Kareva Mateata-Allain and Alexander Dale Mawyer, editors 在架上   紙本資料 2006
  MAX -- 見 張光煜    
      Congress is bribed!!!   紙本資料 1997
      Crazy congress   紙本資料 1997
      Photoshop CS藝術設計範例 / MAX著 尋找中, 在架上   紙本資料 2004
Max and Tessie Zelikovitz Centre for Jewish Studies : 中央研究院; 電腦檔     
      Sans masque Truda Rosenberg ; traduit de l'anglais par Christine Klein-Lataud   電腦檔 2010
Max Born Symposium (1st : 1991 : Wojnowice Castle) : 數學所圖書室; 紙本資料     
      Quantum groups and related topics : proceedings of the First Max Born Symposium / edited by R. Gielerak, J. Lukierski, and Z. Popowicz 在架上   紙本資料 c1992
Max Born Symposium (3rd : 1993 : Sobótka Castle) : 數學所圖書室; 紙本資料     
      Stochasticity and quantum chaos : proceedings of the 3rd Max Born Symposium, Sobótka Castle, September 15-17, 1993 / edited by Zbigniew Haba, Wojciech Cegła, and Lech Jakóbczyk 在架上   紙本資料 c1995
Max Born Symposium (5th : 1994 : Kudowa, Poland) : 物理所圖書室; 紙本資料     
      Diffusion processes : experiment, theory, simulations : proceedings of the Vth Max Born Symposium held at Kudowa, Poland, 1-4 June 1994 / Andrzej Pekalski (ed.) 在架上   紙本資料 c1994
Max Born Symposium (10th : 1997 : Przesieka, Poland)    
      Quantum future : from Volta and Como to the present and beyond : proceedings of the Xth Max Born Symposium held in Przesieka, Poland, 24-27 September 1997 / Ph. Blanchard, A. Jadczyk (eds.) 在架上   紙本資料 c1999
      Quantum future from Volta and Como to the present and beyond : proceedings of the Xth Max Born Symposium held in Przesieka, Poland, 24-27 September 1997 / Ph. Blanchard, A. Jadczyk, eds   電子書 c1999
Max Born Symposium (11th : 1998 : Warsaw, Poland)    
      Anomalous diffusion : from basics to applications : proceedings of the XIth Max Born Symposium held at Ladek Zdroj, Poland, 20-27 May, 1998 / Ryszard Kutner, Andrzej Pekalski, Katarzyna Sznajd-Weron (eds.) 在架上   紙本資料 c1999
      Anomalous diffusion from basics to applications : proceedings of the XIth Max Born Symposium held at Warsaw, Poland, 20-27 May, 1998 / Andrzej Pekalski, Katarzyna Sznajd-Weron (eds.)   電子書 c1999
Max Born Symposium (12th : 1998 : Wroclaw, Poland)    
      Theoretical physics : fin de siecle : proceedings of the XII Max Born Symposium, held in Wroclaw, Poland, 23-26 September 1998 / A. Borowiec ... [et al.] (eds.) 在架上   紙本資料 c2000
      Theoretical physics fin de siecle : proceedings of the XII Max Born Symposium, held in Wroclaw, Poland, 23-26 September 1998 / A. Borowiec ... [et al.] (eds.)   電子書 c2000
Max Born Symposium (14th : 1999 : Karpacz, Poland) : 數學所圖書室, 物理所圖書室 ; 紙本資料     
      New symmetries and integrable models : proceedings of Xiv Max Born Symposium, Karpacz, Poland, 21-24 September 1999 / edited by Andrzej Frydryszak, Jerzy Lukierski, Ziemowit Popowicz 在架上   紙本資料 c2000
Max Born Symposium (19th : 2004 : Wroclaw, Poland) : 物理所圖書室; 紙本資料     
      Fundamental interactions and twistor-like methods : XIX Max Born Symposium, Wroclaw, Poland, 28 September-1 October 2004 / editors, Jerzy Lukierski, Dmitri Sorokin ; sponsoring organizations, University of Wroclaw, Poland, University of Padua, Italy, Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee of Physics, Bogolyubov-Infeld Foundation, Russia 在架上   紙本資料 2005
Max Born Symposium (25th : 2009 : Wrocław, Poland) : 物理所圖書室; 紙本資料     
      The Planck scale : proceedings of the XXV Max Born Symposium, Wroclaw, Poland, 29 June-3 July 2009 / editors, J. Kowalski-Glikman, R. Durka, M. Szczachor 在架上   紙本資料 2009
Max, D. T. (Daniel T.) : 生命科學圖書館; 紙本資料     
      The family that couldn't sleep : a medical mystery / D.T. Max 在架上   紙本資料 2007
Max, Derrick A : 經濟所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Intergenerational transfers under community rating / David F. Bradford and Derrick A. Max 在架上   紙本資料 1996
Max, J. G : 中央研究院; 電腦檔     
      A military field assistant or An abstract of the eighteen movements, To which is prefixed an exact representation of a review of a regiment of Infantry, illustrated with nineteen copper-plate engravings, accurately delineating the respective posts of officers non-commissioned, officers, &c.-at open and close order. The whole carefully compared with His Majesty's rules and regulations, of June 1792. And dedicated by permission to Major-General Sir Hew Dalrymple. Lieutenant governor & commander in   電腦檔 1798
Max, Michael D    
      Economic geology of natural gas hydrate / by Michael D. Max, Arthur H. Johnson and William P. Dillon 在架上   地圖 2006
      Exploration and production of oceanic natural gas hydrate : critical factors for commercialization / by Michael D. Max, Arthur H. Johnson   電腦檔 2019
Max, Michl : 近史所郭廷以圖書館, 人文社會聯圖 ; 紙本資料     
      拾慧幽默集 = Bayrische u. a. Sinnsprüche : gesammelt und in's Chinesische übertragen von Michl Max / 米雪爾.曼克斯輯譯 在架上   紙本資料 1990
Max Mueller Bhavan (New Delhi, India) : 人文社會聯圖; 紙本資料     
      Jewish exile in India, 1933-1945 / edited by Anil Bhatti, Johannes H. Voight 在架上   紙本資料 1999
Max, N. L.,    
      Science fiction : the future / edited by Dick Allen 在架上   紙本資料 1983
      Turning a sphere inside out a documentary film / by Nelson L. Max 在架上   錄影資料 c2004
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