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245 00 Automotive user interfaces|h[electronic resource] :
       |bcreating interactive experiences in the car /|cedited by
       Gerrit Meixner, Christian Muller 
260    Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
300    ix, 510 p. :|bill., digital ;|c24 cm 
490 1  Human-computer interaction series,|x1571-5035 
505 0  Part I: Introduction and Basics -- Retrospective and 
       Future on Automotive Infotainment Systems - 100 years of 
       User Interface Evolution -- Engaged Drivers - Safe Drivers
       : Gathering Real-Time Data from Mobile and Wearable 
       Devices for Safe-Driving Apps -- Part II: Usability and 
       User Experience -- Driver and Driving Experience in Car --
       "It's More Fun to Commute" - An Example of Using 
       Automotive Interaction Design to Promote Wellbeing in Cars
       -- Design to Support Energy Management for Electric Car 
       Drivers -- Cultural User Experience in the Car - Towards a
       Standardized Systematic Intercultural Automotive UI/UX 
       Design Process -- Part III: Interaction Techniques and 
       Technologies -- The Neglected Passenger - How 
       Collaboration in the Car Fosters Driving Experience and 
       Safety -- The Influence of Non-Driving-Related Tasks on 
       the Driver's Resources and Performance -- Eye and Head 
       Tracking for Focus of Attention Control in the Cockpit -- 
       From Car-Driver-Handovers to Cooperative Interfaces: 
       Visions for Driver-Vehicle Interaction in Automated 
       Driving -- Driver in the Loop - Best Practices in 
       Automotive Sensing and Feedback Mechanisms -- Towards 
       Adaptive Ambient In-Vehicle Displays and Interactions: 
       Insights and Design Guidelines from the 2015 Automotive UI
       Dedicated Workshop -- The Steering Wheel: A Design Space 
       Exploration -- Part IV: Tools, Methods and Processes -- 
       The Insight - Prototype - Product Cycle -- Virtual Reality
       Driving Simulator based on Head Mounted Displays -- 
       Methods to Validate Automotive User Interfaces within 
       Immersive Driving Environments -- Part V: Applications -- 
       User Experience with Increasing Levels of Vehicle 
       Automation - Overview of the Challenges & Opportunities as
       Vehicles Progress from Partial to High Automation -- 
       AutoPlay: Unfolding Motivational Affordances of Autonomous
520    This book focuses on automotive user interfaces for in-
       vehicle usage, looking at car electronics and its software
       of hidden technologies (e.g., ASP, ESP), comfort functions
       (e.g., navigation, communication, entertainment) and 
       driver assistance (e.g., distance checking) The increased 
       complexity of automotive user interfaces, driven by the 
       need for using consumer electronic devices in cars as well
       as autonomous driving, has sparked a plethora of new 
       research within this field of study. Covering a broad 
       spectrum of detailed topics, the authors of this edited 
       volume offers an outstanding overview of the current state
       of the art; providing deep insights into usability and 
       user experience, interaction techniques and technologies 
       as well as methods, tools and its applications; exploring 
       the increasing importance of Human-Computer-Interaction 
       (HCI) within the automotive industry Automotive User 
       Interfaces is intended as an authoritative and valuable 
       resource for professional practitioners and researchers 
       alike, as well as computer science and engineering 
       students who are interested in automotive interfaces 
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650  0 Human-computer interaction 
650  0 User interfaces (Computer systems) 
650 14 Computer Science 
650 24 User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction 
650 24 Multimedia Information Systems 
650 24 Automotive Engineering 
650 24 Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics) 
650 24 Signal, Image and Speech Processing 
700 1  Meixner, Gerrit 
700 1  Muller, Christian 
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