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100 1  Mullings, Lena Cay 
245 10 Learning collaboratives as a mechanism for organizational 
       learning: Lessons from two hospitals 
300    181 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 68-
       06, Section: A, page: 2281 
500    Adviser: Victoria J. Marsick 
502    Thesis (Ed.D.)--Teachers College, Columbia University, 
520    Several national health care studies have documented that 
       the American health care system is in dire need of 
       fundamental change. There is evidence to suggest that the 
       industry has the required knowledge to support the changes
       needed; yet the challenge appears to be the inability of 
       the health care system to implement evidence-based changes
       into the system 
520    Faced with the problem of how to learn to use evidence-
       based medicine to improve the care of chronically ill 
       patients in its population, the large, urban, public 
       hospital system in this study used learning collaboratives
       as a mechanism for organizational learning. The 
       dissertation concludes that one way for organizations to 
       learn is through a process of five iterative learning 
       cycles in which explicit and tacit knowledge of the 
       organization's departments is aligned and shared with 
       cross-functional teams in the first cycle, combined with 
       knowledge imported from outside the organization in the 
       second cycle, borrowed and adapted from other parts of the
       organization in the third cycle, generated and 
       experimented with within the group in the fourth cycle, 
       and adapted through spread in the fifth cycle 
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650  4 Education, Adult and Continuing 
650  4 Sociology, Organizational 
650  4 Health Sciences, Health Care Management 
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710 2  Teachers College, Columbia University 
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