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100 1  Mullins, Chandra Diane 
245 14 The relationship between fear of crime and perceived 
       credibility of broadcast news 
300    106 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 43-01, 
       page: 0110 
500    Chair: Eric Hickey 
502    Thesis (M.S.)--California State University, Fresno, 2004 
520    Research in the area of television and fear of crime has 
       revealed a relationship between the amounts of television 
       watched and levels of fear of crime. More current research
       in this field has noted that attention to television also 
       contributes to the cultivation of fearful feelings. This 
       research examined the relationship between the perceived 
       credibility of the broadcast news media and levels of fear
       of crime. The relationship between perceived credibility 
       of broadcast news and the amount watched was also 
       examined. The research examined these relationships in 
       students enrolled at California State University, Fresno. 
       No relationship was found between perceived credibility of
       broadcast news and fear of crime. Only a weak relationship
       between some aspects of perceived credibility and amount 
       watched was found 
590    School code: 6050 
590    DDC 
650  4 Sociology, Criminology and Penology 
650  4 Mass Communications 
650  4 Journalism 
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690    0708 
690    0391 
710 20 California State University, Fresno 
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