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100 1  Nocera, Antonio 
245 10 Major League Baseball's drug policy: What have been the 
       determinants of the league's policy on performance 
       enhancing drugs? 
300    82 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 50-05, 
500    Adviser: Roger Keeran 
502    Thesis (M.A.)--State University of New York Empire State 
       College, 2012 
520    This thesis reviews baseball's history, its union, and the
       many threats they faced over the decades, particularly, 
       the recent threat caused by performance enhancing drugs 
       (herein after PEDs). This thesis answers the question: 
       What have been the determinants of the league's policy on 
       PEDS?  This thesis argues that the reason Major League 
       Baseball (herein after MLB) delayed so long in acting on 
       PEDs was because its unique history and income deterred 
       the League from doing so. Furthermore, when the League and
       union did react, they reacted due to the threats from 
       Congress, pressure from the media, and the possible threat
       to their income by public sentiment.  The foundation for 
       this thesis are rooted in several past and present MLB 
       Collective Bargaining Agreements, past and present MLB 
       Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Policies,  The 
       Mitchell Report, journalist Barry Bloom, author J.C. 
       Bradbury and a plethora of both published and non-
       published sources 
590    School code: 1408 
650  4 Business Administration, Sports Management 
650  4 Sociology, Industrial and Labor Relations 
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690    0629 
710 2  State University of New York Empire State College.|bLabor 
       and Policy Studies 
773 0  |tMasters Abstracts International|g50-05 
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