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Parr, Richard T. : 民族所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      A bibliography of the Athapaskan languages / Richard T. Parr 館內使用   紙本資料 1974
Parr, Robert G : 資訊服務處; 電腦檔     
      Density-Functional Theory of Atoms and Molecules   電腦檔 1994
Parr, Robert G., 1921-    
      The new world of quantum chemistry : proceedings of the second International Congress of Quantum Chemistry held at New Orleans, U.S.A., April 19-24, 1976 / edited by Bernard Pullman and Robert Parr 在架上   紙本資料 c1976
      The quantum theory of molecular electronic structure; a lecture-note and reprint volume [by] Robert G. Parr   紙本資料 1964
Parr, Rolf    
      Christof Hamann   電腦檔 2019
      Foucault Handbuch : Leben, Werk, Wirkung / herausgegeben von Clemens Kammler, Rolf Parr und Ulrich Johannes Schneider ; unter Mitarbiet von Elke Reinhardt-Becker 在架上   紙本資料 c2008
Parr, Ronald : 資訊所圖書室; 紙本資料     
      Uncertainty in artificial intelligence : proceedings of the twenty-third conference (2007), July 19-22, 2007, Vancouver, British Columbia / Edited by Ronald Parr, Linda van der Gaag 館內使用   紙本資料 c2007
Parr, Russell L    
      Intellectual property infringement damages : a litigation support handbook. 2nd ed. 2002 cumulative supplement / Russell L. Parr 在架上   紙本資料 c2002
      Intellectual property : licensing and joint venture profit strategies / Gordon V. Smith, Russell L. Parr   紙本資料 c2004
      Intellectual property : licensing and joint venture profit strategies / Gordon V. Smith, Russell L. Parr 在架上   紙本資料 2004
      Intellectual Property : Valuation, Exploitation, and Infringement Damages 2015 Cumulative Supplement   電腦檔 2015
3 其他項目    
Parr, Samuel, 1747-1825    
      Addenda ad præfationem quæ editioni secundæ trium librorum Gulielmi Bellendeni De statu, præfixa est   電腦檔 1788
      A discourse on education and on the plans pursued in charity-schools by S. Parr ...   電子書 1786
      A discourse on education and on the plans pursued in charity-schools. By S. Parr, L.L.D   電腦檔 1785?
      A discourse on the late fast. By Phileleutherus Norfolciensis   電腦檔 1781
10 其他項目    
Parr-Scanlin, Denise : 資訊服務處; 紙本資料     
      Beethoven as pianist: A view through the early chamber music   紙本資料
Parr, Scott A : 中央研究院; 紙本資料     
      Transit signal priority for emergency evacuation: Mitigating disaster   紙本資料
Parr, Susanna : 中央研究院; 電腦檔     
      Susanna's apologie against the elders. Or A vindication of Susanna Parr; one of those two women lately excommunicated by Mr Lewis Stycley, and his church in Exeter. / Composed and published by her selfe, for the clearing of her own innocency, and the satisfaction of all others, who desire to know the true reason of their so rigorous proceedings against her   電腦檔 1659
Parr, Susie : 資訊服務處; 電腦檔     
      Aphasia Inside Out : Reflections on Communication Disability   電腦檔 2003
Parr, Terence John : 資訊服務處; 紙本資料     
      Language translation using PCCTS & C plus plus : a reference guide / by Terence John Parr 到期 01-03-19   紙本資料 1996
Parr, Terence (Terence John) : 資訊所圖書室; 紙本資料     
      The definitive ANTLR reference : building domain-specific languages / Terence Parr 在架上   紙本資料 c2007
Parr, Terence W : 資訊服務處; 電腦檔     
      Biodiversity Under Threat   電腦檔 2007
Parr, Thomas, fl. 1775 : 中央研究院; 電腦檔     
      The young arithmetician's guide. Being a course of practical arithmetick, both vulgar and decimal. Digested after a new concise method. Adapted to the trade of Ireland. To which is added, tables, and their use, for computing the value of leases, and fines to be paid: together with a table and method of estimating the value of annuities upon lives. Fitted for the use of gentleman, farmers, stewards, clerks, &c. By James Parr, and Thomas Walsh   電腦檔 1775
Parr, Tobert G., 1921- : 化學所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Density-functional theory of atoms and molecules / Robert G. Parr and Weitao Yang. 在架上   紙本資料 1989
Parr, Tom, / author : 人文社會聯圖; 紙本資料     
      Introducing political philosophy : a policy-driven approach / William Abel, Elizabeth Kahn, Tom Parr, Andrew Walton   紙本資料 2021
Parr, Trevor : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Prediction of institutional violence among male adjudicated juvenile offenders: A test of Loeber's developmental pathway model and risk factors (Rolf Loeber)   電子書
Parr, Wolstenholme, 1761 or 2-1845 : 中央研究院; 電腦檔     
      The story of the Moor of Venice Translated from the Italian. With two essays on Shakespeare, and preliminary observations. By Wolstenholme Parr, ...   電腦檔 1795
Parra, Antonio R    
      The history of ICSID / Antonio R. Parra 在架上   紙本資料 2012
      The history of ICSID Antonio R. Parra   電腦檔 2012
      The World Bank in a changing world / Ibrahim F.I. Shihata 在架上   紙本資料 1995
Parra, Cira : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      A conductor's guide to selected choral works of Modesta Bor   電子書
Parra, Constanza,    
      Cultural sustainability and the nature-culture interface : livelihoods, policies, and methodologies / edited by Inger Birkeland, Rob Burton, Constanza Parra and Katriina Siivonen 在架上   紙本資料 2018
      Social innovation as political transformation : thoughts for a better world / edited by Pieter Van den Broeck, Abid Mehmood, Angeliki Paidakaki, Constanza Parra 到期 06-30-21   紙本資料 2019
      Socialities of nature beyond utopia / guest editors: Constanza Parra and Casey Walsh 館內使用   紙本資料 c2016
Parra-Dominguez, Maribel : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Flamenco and tragedy in Alfonso Jimenez Romero's Andalusian ritual drama: A dialogue between Lorca and Melo Neto (Spain, Federico Garcia Lorca, Joao Cabral de Melo Neto, Brazil, Spanish text)   電子書
Parra, Ericka Helena : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Neofeminist discourses in women's testimonios: Elvia Alvarado, Maria Elena Moyano, Domitila Barrios de Chungara and Maria Teresa Tula, 1975--1995   電子書
Parra, Francisco : 中央研究院; 電腦檔     
      Oil Politics : A Modern History of Petroleum   電腦檔 2003
Parra, Francisco R : 近史所郭廷以圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Oil politics : a modern history of petroleum / Francisco Parra 在架上   紙本資料 2010
Parra-Guinaldo, Victor : 人文社會聯圖; 紙本資料     
      A generativist approach to renewal in the left periphery : the reanalysis of 'whether' / Victor Parra-Guinaldo 在架上   紙本資料 c2013
Parra, José Daniel, 1980- / author : 人社中心; 紙本資料     
      Heidegger's Nietzsche : European modernity and the philosophy of the future / José Daniel Parra 在架上   紙本資料 2019
Parra, Jose R. P : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Egg parasitoids in agroecosystems with emphasis on trichogramma edited by Fernando L. Consoli, Jose R. P. Parra, Roberto A. Zucchi   電子書 2010
Parra, Josep M : 數學所圖書室; 電子書     
      Clifford Algebras with Numeric and Symbolic Computations edited by Rafał Abłamowicz, Josep M. Parra, Pertti Lounesto   電子書 1996
Parra, Josep M., 1952- : 數學所圖書室; 紙本資料     
      Clifford algebras with numeric and symbolic computations / Rafal Ablamowicz, Pertti Louesto, Josep M. Parra, editors 在架上   紙本資料 1996
Parra, Julia Lynn : 中央研究院; 紙本資料     
      A multiple-case study on the impact of teacher professional development for online teaching on face-to-face classroom teaching practices   紙本資料
Parra, Kirsten : 資訊服務處; 紙本資料     
      Developing literacy in young English language learners through the use of technology   紙本資料
Parra, Manuel Espinoza de los Monteros de la, / editor : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Regulating corporate criminal liability / edited by Dominik Brodowski, Manuel Espinoza de los Monteros de la Parra, Klaus Tiedemann, Joachim Vogel   電子書 2014
Parra, Mariángela    
      Growth and policy in developing countries : a structuralist approach / José Antonio Ocampo, Codrina Rada, and Lance Taylor ; with contributions from Mariángela Parra 在架上   紙本資料 c2009
      Growth and policy in developing countries a structuralist approach / José Antonio Ocampo, Codrina Rada, and Lance Taylor ; (with contributions from Mariángela Parra)   電腦檔 c2009
Parra, Marisol : 中央研究院; 紙本資料     
      Phonological memory and the development of vocabulary and grammar in young Spanish-English bilinguals   紙本資料
Parra, Max : 資訊服務處; 電腦檔     
      Writing Pancho Villa's Revolution : Rebels in the Literary Imagination of Mexico   電腦檔 2005
Parra-Montesinos, Gustavo J : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      High performance fiber reinforced cement composites 6 HPFRCC 6 / edited by Gustavo J. Parra-Montesinos, Hans W. Reinhardt, A. E. Naaman   電子書 2012
Parra, Oscar, / editor : 中央研究院; 電腦檔     
      Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on BioGeoSciences : modeling natural environments / edited by Rolando Cardenas, Vladimir Mochalov, Oscar Parra, Osmel Martin   電腦檔 2019
Parra Palomino, Adrian G : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Room-temperature synthesis and characterization of highly monodisperse transition metal-doped zinc oxide nanocrystals   電子書
Parra Rodríguez, Carmen : 人文社會聯圖; 紙本資料     
      Social innovation : new forms of organisation in knowledge-based societies / edited by Carmen Ruiz Viñals and Carmen Parra Rodríguez 在架上   紙本資料 2013
Parra Sandoval, Rodrigo, 1938- : 民族所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Dependency and education in Colombian underdevelopment / by Rodrigo Parra Sandoval 在架上   紙本資料 1973
Parra-Vasquez, A. Nicholas G : 中央研究院; 紙本資料     
      Solubility, length characterization, and cryo-TEM of pristine and functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes in surfactant and superacid systems, with application to spinning SWNT fibers   紙本資料
Parra Vazquez, Manuel Roberto, / editor : 中央研究院; 電腦檔     
      Socio-environmental regimes and local visions : transdisciplinary experiences in Latin America / edited by Minerva Arce Ibarra, Manuel Roberto Parra Vazquez, Eduardo Bello Baltazar, Luciana Gomes de Araujo   電腦檔 2020
Parracho Sant'Anna, Annibal, / author : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Probabilistic composition of preferences, theory and applications / by Annibal Parracho Sant'Anna   電子書 2015
Parrado, Eric    
      Inflation Targeting in Dollarized Economies   電腦檔 2006
      Setting the Operational Framework for Producing Inflation Forecasts   電腦檔 2006
PARRAGA, FIDEL ABRAHAM : 中央研究院; 紙本資料     
Parraga, Isabel M : 中央研究院; 紙本資料     
      Dietary beliefs, nutritional patterns and nutritional status of urban Aymara women and children   紙本資料
Parraman, Carinna, / author : 近史所郭廷以圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Colour in the making : from old wisdom to new brilliance / Philip Ball, Mark Clarke, Carinna Parraman ; edited by Phoebe Stubbs [and three others] 在架上   紙本資料 2013
Parramore, Keith : 經濟所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Quantitative methods in finance / Terry J. Watsham and Keith Parramore 在架上   紙本資料 1997
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