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100 1  Perry, Shirley Ann 
245 10 Determining the quality of physical education programs in 
       selected Virginia schools 
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500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 69-
       01, Section: A, page: 0159 
500    Adviser: Kerry J. Rediean 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State 
       University, 2007 
520    The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to 
       which the selected school districts in the Commonwealth of
       Virginia were following the Virginia school mandates and 
       fulfilling the requirements identified by NASPE  and AHA, 
       as critical elements required in a quality physical 
       education program and the NASPE national recommendations. 
       The population for this study was 116 physical education 
       teachers in the Virginia counties of Carroll, Floyd, Giles,
       Pulaski, Roanoke, Wythe, and the City of Radford. The 
       evaluation criteria used for the study was influenced by 
       the  2006 Shape of the Nation Report. The instrument used 
       was a web-based survey that consisted of 21 questions in 
       the areas of demographics, time requirements, class size, 
       standards and curriculum, student assessment and program 
       accountability, and school accountability. The following 
       conclusions were drawn: (1) The school districts followed 
       the Virginia school mandates and overall are implementing 
       the national recommendations; (2) The school districts 
       varied in following the Virginia school mandates and 
       implementing the national recommendations; (3) Even though
       the schools varied at different grade levels in the same 
       school district, the degree of disparity was slight; (4) 
       The originally introduced Senate Bill 1130 needs to be 
       signed into law as opposed to the less stringent Senate 
       Bill 1130 that was passed; (5) The Virginia school 
       mandates need to include time requirements for daily 
       physical education for all students K-12; (6) The school 
       districts need to focus on promoting quality physical 
       education programs at all grades and in all areas that 
       were evaluated in the study. The following recommendations
       were suggested: (1) Further studies on schools that offer 
       quality physical education programs and the affects these 
       "quality" physical education programs have on reducing the
       percentage of overweight or obese children; (2) Studies of
       other school districts in the Commonwealth of Virginia and
       how they compare in following state mandates, and 
       implementing the national recommendations; (3) School 
       districts performing their own audits of their present 
       physical education programs to determine the quality of 
       their programs 
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650  4 Education, Physical 
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710 2  Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 
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