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100 1  Kumar, Ashwani,|d1989-|eeditor 
245 00 Advanced numerical simulations in mechanical engineering
       |h[electronic resource] :|bemerging research and 
       opportunities /|ceditors, Ashwani Kumar, Pravin P. Patil, 
       and Yogesh Kr. Prajapati 
260    Hershey, Pennsylvania :|bIGI Global,|c[2018] 
300    1 online resource (xv, 242 p.) 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Chapter 1. Low to high speed transient structural and 
       thermal temperature measurement of oil-lubricated multi-
       speed heavy vehicle transmission gearbox system based on 
       FEA -- Chapter 2. Active vibration attenuation of smart 
       shell structure instrumented with piezoelectric layers -- 
       Chapter 3. Design and simulation of Electro-Mechanical 
       Mass Flow Sensor (EMMFS): evaluation of resonant frequency
       using different configuration of resonating tube -- 
       Chapter 4. Advanced numerical and experimental methods 
       used in material science for evaluating mechanical and 
       damping nature of composite materials -- Chapter 5. 
       Comparative study of conjugate heat transfer in uniform 
       and diverging cross-section microchannels -- Chapter 6. A 
       study of flexible manufacturing system with multiple 
       failures -- Chapter 7. FEA-based numerical simulation and 
       theoretical modeling for predicting thermal contact 
       conductance -- Chapter 8. Mathematical modeling of five-
       link inverted cart and pendulum system -- Chapter 9. 
       Design and thermal analysis of MgZrO3 ceramic coated i.c. 
       engine piston based on Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 
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520 3  "This book is a compilation of research in advanced 
       modelling and simulation method adopted in mechanical and 
       mechatronics engineering. In present time, ''Simulation'' 
       is the buzzword for any discipline and many scholars are 
       working in these areas. This book provides a reference for
       all scholars working in mechatronics and mechanical 
       discipline"--|cProvided by publisher 
650  0 Mechanical engineering|xMathematics 
650  0 Machinery|xMathematical models 
650  0 Numerical analysis 
700 1  Patil, Pravin P.,|d1976-|eeditor 
700 1  Prajapati, Yogesh Kr.,|d1983-|eeditor 
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       resolve.aspx?doi=10.4018/978-1-5225-3722-9|zeBook(Taylor &