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245 00 Theorizing the future of science education research /
       |cedited by Vaughan Prain, Brian Hand 
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490 1  Contemporary trends and issues in science education,|x1878
       -0482 ;|vvolume 49 
505 0  1.Introduction: Theorizing future research for the science
       classroom; Vaughan Prain and Brian Hand -- SECTION ONE: 
       Mapping the Big Picture -- 2. Merging cognitive and 
       sociocultural approaches: Towards better understandings of
       the processes of developing thinking and reasoning; Paul 
       Webb and Bill Whitlow -- 3. Frameworks, Committed Testers,
       and Science as a Form of Life; Jim Gee -- 4. Writers in 
       Community Model: 15 Recommendations for Future Research in
       Using Writing to Promote Science Learning; Steve Graham --
       SECTION TWO: Theorizing Aspects of Science Learning -- 5. 
       An Exploratory Neuroimaging Study of Argumentative and 
       Summary Writing Using Functional Near Infrared 
       Spectroscopy; Richard Lamb, Brian Hand and Sae Yeol Yoon -
       - 6. Scientific Practices as an Actor-Network of Literacy 
       Events: Forging a Convergence between Disciplinary 
       Literacy and Scientific Practices; Kok-Sing Tang -- 7. 
       Immersive approaches to science argumentation and literacy
       : What does it mean to "live" the languages of science?; 
       Brian Hand, Andy Cavagnetto, and Lori Norton-Meier -- 8. 
       Writing as an Epistemological Tool: Perspectives from 
       personal, disciplinary, and sociocultural landscapes; Ying
       -Chih Chen -- 9. Scientific Literacy Practices from a 
       concept of Discourse Space: Focusing on Resources and 
       Demands for Learning; Sae Yeol Yoon -- 10. Future research
       in learning with, through and from scientific 
       representations; Vaughan Prain -- 11. "I'm not a writer": 
       Shaping the literacy-related attitudes and beliefs of 
       students and teachers in STEM disciplines; Lisa Emerson --
       SECTION THREE: Review -- 12. Critical dialogues for 
       emerging research agendas in science education; Greg Kelly
520    This book reviews the current state of theoretical 
       accounts of the what and how of science learning in 
       schools. The book starts out by presenting big-picture 
       perspectives on key issues. In these first chapters, it 
       focuses on the range of resources students need to acquire
       and refine to become successful learners. It examines 
       meaningful learner purposes and processes for doing 
       science, and structural supports to optimize cognitive 
       engagement and success. Subsequent chapters address how 
       particular purposes, resources and experiences can be 
       conceptualized as the basis to understand current 
       practices. They also show how future learning 
       opportunities should be designed, lived and reviewed to 
       promote student engagement/learning. Specific topics 
       include insights from neuro-imaging, actor-network theory,
       the role of reasoning in claim-making for learning in 
       science, and development of disciplinary literacies, 
       including writing and multi-modal meaning-making. All 
       together the book offers leads to science educators on 
       theoretical perspectives that have yielded valuable 
       insights into science learning. In addition, it proposes 
       new agendas to guide future practices and research in this
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830  0 Contemporary trends and issues in science education ;
       |vvolume 49 
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