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100 1  Reed, Leslie Casetta 
245 10 Creative capabilities in technological design 
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500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 73-
       02, Section: B, page:  
500    Adviser: Michael J. Dyrenfurth 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--Purdue University, 2011 
520    The focus of this research was the study of student 
       creative capabilities in an electrical and computer 
       engineering technology capstone design project. The 
       problem explored was the perceived gap between six 
       creative capabilities students brought to bear when 
       approaching an open-ended design project, including 
       ideational ability, cognitive style, motivational 
       orientation, personality traits and behaviors, learning 
       style and domain-specific knowledge, and the level of 
       creativity demonstrated in the products and ideas 
       generated through the design process, as measured by two 
       faculty-derived assessments. Few elements of creative 
       capabilities were linked to measures of creative 
       performance, and links that were found were often in a 
       direction not supported by confluence theories of 
       creativity. The results of the study point to the need for
       a major effort to be mounted to build a model framework 
       within which to ground efforts to enhance the creative 
       skills, behaviors and attitudes of relevance in the 
       technological design process. Given the dearth of research
       on the role of creative capabilities in engineering 
       technology, there remain many unanswered questions, but a 
       multi-tiered approach that focuses on the building of 
       human assets relating to creativity in design is a 
       worthwhile endeavor 
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710 2  Purdue University.|bIndustrial Technology 
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