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100 1  Purkeypile, Matthew Daniel 
245 10 Cove: A practical quantum computer programming framework 
300    256 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 71-
       01, Section: B, page: 0440 
500    Adviser: Bo Sanden 
502    Thesis (D.C.S.)--Colorado Technical University, 2009 
520    While not yet in commercial existence, quantum computers 
       have the ability to solve certain classes of problems that
       are not efficiently solvable on existing Turing Machine 
       based (classical) computers. For quantum computers to be 
       of use, methods of programming them must exist. Proposals 
       exist for programming quantum computers, but all of the 
       existing ones suffer from flaws that make them impractical
       in commercial software development environments. Cove is a
       framework for programming quantum computers that extends 
       existing classical languages to allow for quantum 
       computation, thus providing a quantum computing toolkit 
       for commercial software developers. Since the target users
       of Cove are commercial developers, it is an object 
       oriented framework that can be used by multiple languages 
       and also places emphasis on complete documentation. The 
       focus of Cove is not so much on the software product, but 
       on the fundamental concepts that make quantum computing 
       practical for common developers 
590    School code: 1271 
650  4 Computer Science 
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710 2  Colorado Technical University 
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