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100 1  Reiter, Margharita 
245 10 Before it's too late: Curing teacher burnout 
300    34 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 42-01, 
       page: 0020 
502    Thesis (M.A.)--Caldwell College, 2003 
520    This study will attempt to identify the different levels 
       of teacher burnout, from the first year teacher to the 
       almost retired teacher. In addition, the study will 
       identify specific characteristics from the Teacher Stress 
       Inventory and the strategies that can be used to alleviate
       these feelings. Research will be conducted with a 
       secondary staff in a "blue collar, middle class" school. 
       The study will investigate the effects that stress may 
       impinge on the delivery of instruction 
520    Data from the Teacher Stress Inventory and the 
       questionnaire may identify specific feelings and 
       characteristics associated with burnout. The results of 
       the Teacher Stress Inventory along with the additional 
       information from the questionnaire will offer ideas and 
       issues that concern the staff and will be incorporated in 
       the interview portion of the study. The researcher will 
       gather, record, and evaluate the information from the 
       Teacher Stress Inventory, the questionnaire, and the 
       interview. The anticipated result will be to identify the 
       number of burned out teachers, in which age group they 
       belong, and the symptoms of stress that they possess. 
       (Abstract shortened by UMI.) 
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710 20 Caldwell College 
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