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100 1  Lynn, Abraham C 
245 10 AEI 2011 :|bBuilding Integration Solutions 
264  1 Reston :|bAmerican Society of Civil Engineers,|c2011 
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505 0  Cover -- Contents -- Architectural Engineering Education -
       - The Temple of Antioch: A Study Abroad Internship for 
       Architectural Engineering Students -- The Golden Gate 
       Bridge Outdoor Exhibition: Public Works for Public 
       Learning -- The Retention of Women in the Architectural 
       Engineering Workforce -- Using Case Studies to 
       Characterize the Broader Meaning of Engineering Design for
       Today's Student -- Carnegie Mellon University Facilities 
       as an Educational Laboratory -- Drawing and Modeling: 
       Analog Tools in the Age of BIM -- Hands-On Green Building 
       Activities for Beginning Students -- Structural 
       Integration Solution for the Texas A& -- M 2007 Solar 
       Decathlon "GroHome" -- Evaluation of the Development of 
       Student Skills in Visual and Computer-Aided Structural 
       Modeling in Architecture -- Public Private Partnership 
       (PPP)-Sustainability in the Context of PPP Educational 
       Projects in Ireland -- Participation of Women in 
       Architectural Engineering: What Causes It? -- 
       Interdisciplinary Design Experience for the Masses -- 
       Accreditation-The New Architectural Engineering Program 
       Criteria -- Building Envelope -- You Can't Judge a Book by
       Its Cover: Rethinking the Open Rainscreen for the Exterior
       Building Envelope -- Evaluation of Three-Coat Stucco 
       Installations on Commercial Buildings -- Managing Occupant
       Comfort with Highly Transparent All-Glass Facades -- 
       Introduction of a Transparent Sustainable Load-Bearing 
       Wall System with Integrated Photovoltaic for Residential 
       Construction -- Racking Test Evaluation of Unitized 
       Curtain Wall Systems Using Glazing Tapes -- Seismic 
       Evaluation of Storefront Systems through Cyclic Racking 
       Test -- Seismic Evaluation of the Four-Sided Structural 
       Sealant Glazing Curtain Wall System for Cathedral Hill 
       Hospital Project -- Structural Systems 
505 8  Analytical Load and Dynamic Increase Factors for 
       Progressive Collapse Analysis of Building Frames -- Blast 
       Resistant Design Technology and Its Use in Antiterrorism 
       Protection of Structures -- Natural Structural Systems and
       Forms -- Sustainable Structural Systems and Configurations
       for Tall Buildings -- Structural Engineering for Complex-
       Shaped Tall Buildings -- FEMA P-58-Next-Generation 
       Performance Assessment of Buildings -- Determination of 
       Building Modal Parameters Using Low-Level Excitation -- 
       Building Energy Systems -- Identifying the Determinants of
       Energy Use in Texas A& -- M University Campus at 
       Kingsville -- Energy Efficient Method Identification for 
       an Education Building -- Air-to-Air Variable Refrigerant 
       Flow Systems -- Sustainable Concrete: Impacts of Existing 
       and Emerging Materials and Technologies on the 
       Construction Industry -- Predicting the Environmental 
       Impact of Structures in Regions of High Seismic Risk -- 
       Camera Aided Luminance Measurement of the Luminous 
       Surfaces of Different Light Sources -- Utilizing a 
       Multidisciplinary Design Team for Energy Efficient 
       Renovations of Existing Buildings -- Wood -- Strengths and
       Weaknesses of Wood-Framed Structures -- Performance of 
       Structural Glued Laminated Members -- Earthquake Damage 
       Assessment of Residential Wood-Frame Structures -- The 
       Growing Role of Wood in Building Sustainability -- Case 
       Studies -- The Materials of the Cathedral of Christ the 
       Light -- Glass and Steel: Transparent and Lightweight 
       Enclosure Structures in China -- High Performance Modular 
       Building: Inspiration from the Past, Technology from the 
       Present, Design for the Future -- Structural Fire 
       Engineering for Modern Building Design-Case Study -- 
       Seismic Performance of Non-Structural Components -- 
       Research on the Seismic Performance of Nonstructural 
       Components -- Behavior of Nonstructural Components in 
       Recent Earthquakes 
505 8  Nonstructural Components and Systems-Designing Hospitals 
       for Post-Earthquake Functionality -- Reducing the Risks of
       Nonstructural Earthquake Damage: New Tools for Design 
       Professionals -- Demands on Nonstructural Components 
       during Nonlinear Seismic Response of Multistory Structures
       -- Facilities Management -- A Literature Review on 
       Measuring Building Performance by Using Key Performance 
       Indicators -- Use of a Multimethodology Research Approach 
       to Improve Building Operating Decisions -- A Dream of 
       Ideal Project Delivery System -- Design and Planning for 
       Safety (DPfS): A Factor Modeling Approach to Find the Best
       Response to Hazard -- Building Design Process -- 
       Innovation and Improvements of Mechanical, Electrical, and
       Plumbing Systems for Modular Construction Using Building 
       Information Modeling -- Building Information Modeling for 
       Electrical Contractors: Current Practice and 
       Recommendations -- Construction Safety in Design Process -
       - Global Project Delivery Systems Using BIM -- 
       Effectiveness of the "VDI-H.F.O. Müller Method" in 
       Building Element Design -- Analysis of Building Element 
       Design Methods -- Indexes -- Author Index -- A -- B -- C -
       - D -- E -- F -- G -- H -- J -- K -- L -- M -- N -- P -- R
       -- S -- T -- V -- W -- Y -- Z -- Subject Index -- A -- B -
       - C -- D -- E -- F -- G -- H -- I -- L -- M -- N -- P -- R
       -- S -- T -- U -- W 
520    This collection contains 56 technical papers presented at 
       the 2011 Architectural Engineering Conference, held in 
       Oakland, California, March 30-April 2, 2011 
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700 1  Reitherman, Robert 
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