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245 04 The rise of performance studies|h[electronic resource] :
       |brethinking Richard Schechner's broad spectrum /|cedited 
       by James Harding and Cindy Rosenthal 
260    Basingstoke :|bPalgrave Macmillan,|c2011 
300    1 online resource (312 p.) 
490 0  Studies in international performance 
500    Includes index 
505 0  The Rise of Performance Studies: An Introduction; J. 
       Harding & C. Rosenthal -- PART I: PERFORMANCE/THEATRE/
       STUDIES -- Performance Studies and the Enhancement of 
       Theatre Studies; M. Carlson -- In Defence of the String 
       Quartet: An Open Letter to Richard Schechner; S. Bottoms -
       - Experimenting with an Unfinished Discipline: Richard 
       Schechner, the Avant-Garde and Performance Studies; J. 
       Harding & C. Rosenthal -- PART II: PERFORMANCE STUDIES 
       GENEALOGIES -- Wayang Studies?; P. Rae -- Today I am a 
       Field: Performance Studies Comes of Age; H. Bial -- 
       Richard Schechner and Performance Studies in China; P. 
       Yongwen & Y. Jiancun -- Australian Performance Studies 
       Marginally Off Centre; P. Eckersall -- PART III: WORKING 
       WITH RICHARD -- Reactuals: From Personal to Critical and 
       Back; R. Schneider -- Fanning the Flames: Richard 
       Schechner's TDR; M. Sandford -- Liminal Richard: 
       Approaches to Performance Studies; J. Emigh -- The 
       Broadest Spectrum of Pluralities: Performance Studies, 
       Theatre Practices, Theatre Histories, and Beyond; P. 
       AMONG THE PERFORMERS. -- Richard Schechner; J. Malina -- 
       Interview; J. MacIntosh -- Interview; E. LeCompte -- For 
       Richard; A.D. Smith -- Performing Against the Backdrop of 
       the War on Terror; G. Gomez-Pena -- PART V: ENGAGING 
       Durational Performance; D. Taylor -- Medical Clowning and 
       Performance Theory; A. Citron -- Restored Restored 
       Behavior or the Emperor of California Roll: 1989-90 
       Japanese Imperial Rites of Funeral and Enthronement; T. 
       Yuichiro -- 'Deep Play, Dark Play': Framing the 
       Limit(less); J. Roach 
520    The essays in this anthology are situated within the 
       larger context of a critical engagement with Richard 
       Schechner's work as a theatre practitioner, teacher, 
       scholar, activist, and visionary. Through a wide variety 
       of approaches, the contributors acknowledge the profound 
       impact that Schechner's work has had on our understanding 
       of performance as a mode of cultural practice and on the 
       emergence of Performance Studies as a discipline. Some 
       essays are embedded in intensely personal reflections on 
       Schechner's work as a practitioner and teacher, while 
       others take stock of critical concepts that are central to
       Schechner's work as a theorist and scholar. Yet it is not 
       enough to say that the essays offer a critical survey of 
       the broad spectrum of Schechner's cultural and 
       intellectual endeavours. The essays all converge in an 
       acknowledgement that few individuals within the theatre 
       and performance communities have positioned their work so 
       consistently or so consequentially as Schechner has within
       the key debates that have defined Performance Studies as a
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600 10 Schechner, Richard,|d1934-|xCriticism and interpretation 
650  0 Theater|xAnthropological aspects 
650  0 Performing arts 
650  4 Schechner, Richard, 1934-|xCriticism and interpretation 
655  4 Electronic books 
655  4 Electronic resource 
700 1  Harding, James Martin,|d1958- 
700 1  Rosenthal, Cindy,|d1954- 
710 2  Palgrave Connect (Online service) 
776 08 |iPrint version:|tRise of performance studies.
       |dBasingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011|z9780230242913
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