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100 1  Saltsman, Adam P 
245 10 Contested rights: Subjugation and struggle among Burmese 
       forced migrants in exile 
300    101 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 48-02, 
       page: 0825 
500    Advisers: Sarah Babb; Lisa Dodson 
502    Thesis (M.A.)--Boston College, 2009 
520    Through a qualitative thematic analysis of sixty-four semi
       -structured interviews, this thesis focuses on the 
       situation facing Burmese forced migrants in Thailand. In 
       particular, I look at the ways in which forced migrants, 
       their host government, and humanitarian actors negotiate 
       the meaning of refugee status and what it means to be in a
       protracted space of transition. Findings for this study 
       point to the ways in which the policies and norms of the 
       Royal Thai Government and the offices of the UN High 
       Commissioner for Refugees inadvertently interconnect to 
       complicate the space for refugee protection. The paper 
       also finds that refugee status can be gained or lost 
       through interactions between asylum seekers and various 
       parties on the Thai-Burma border. Certain actors within 
       the refugee community and among local and humanitarian 
       authorities play the role of gatekeepers, granting access 
       to a variety of services and protection at a cost and 
       excluding those who cannot pay the cost. Underlying this 
       context of asylum are themes of extreme repression and 
       resistance that have implications not only for the lives 
       of those who seek refuge, but also for notions of 
       sovereignty and citizenship 
590    School code: 0016 
650  4 Anthropology, Cultural 
650  4 Political Science, International Law and Relations 
650  4 Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Studies 
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710 2  Boston College.|bGraduate School of Arts & Sciences 
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