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100 1  Shield, Robert C 
245 10 Freedom to be, freedom to love: Centering Prayer and 
       Family Systems Theory 
300    85 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 70-
       10, Section: A, page: 3894 
500    Advisers: J. Randall Nichols; Gordon S. Mikoski 
502    Thesis (D.Min.)--Princeton Theological Seminary, 2009 
520    This paper examines the relationship between Centering 
       Prayer and Family Systems Theory to seek evidence as to 
       whether the transformational process in Centering Prayer, 
       a divine "therapy of the soul," describes something of the
       same human experience as the therapeutic process, in 
       Family Systems Theory, of moving toward self-
       differentiation. The research consists of ten qualitative 
       research interviews, coded and analyzed with the help of 
       NVivo software. The author uses Contemplative Prayer as a 
       theological lens and Bowen Theory as a socio-behavioral 
       lens with which to interpret the findings. The author 
       concludes that there is some evidence to support the claim
       that Centering Prayer and Family Systems Theory describe 
       something of the same human phenomena 
590    School code: 0182 
650  4 Religion, General 
650  4 Psychology, General 
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710 2  Princeton Theological Seminary 
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