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100 1  Soxman, Jane Ann,|eauthor 
245 10 Anomalies of the developing dentition :|ba clinical guide 
       to diagnosis and management /|cby Jane Ann Soxman, Patrice
       Barsamian Wunsch, Christel M. Haberland 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
300    1 online resource (xiv, 141 pages) :|billustrations, 
       digital ;|c24 cm 
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505 0  Anomalies of Crown Size -- Anomalies of Crown Shape -- 
       Anomalies of Tooth Formation -- Anomalies of Tooth 
       Eruption -- Anomalies Tooth Number -- Anomalies of Enamel 
       Formation -- Anomalies of Dentin Formation 
520    This book is an up-to-date, succinct, and easily 
       accessible reference on the diverse anomalies that may 
       arise in the developing dentition, including those 
       relating to crown size and shape, tooth formation, tooth 
       eruption, tooth number, and enamel and dentin formation. 
       For each anomaly, information is provided on clinical and 
       radiographic features, etiology, and management. Attention
       is also drawn to clinically relevant associations among 
       anomalies. The inclusion of numerous high-quality 
       photographs and images will assist the practitioner in 
       establishing the correct diagnosis in each patient and in 
       understanding the rationale for specific interventions. 
       The book will also facilitate discussion of the anomaly 
       with the caregiver or patient, including with respect to 
       genetic and other implications and the appropriate 
       treatment path. Anomalies of the Developing Dentition is 
       an excellent clinical guide to the subject that will aid 
       in timely identification and appropriate management. It 
       will meet the needs of students and practitioners in 
       multiple disciplines of both medicine and dentistry 
650  0 Pedodontics 
650  0 Teeth|xAbnormalities 
650 14 Dentistry 
650 24 Pediatrics 
700 1  Wunsch, Patrice Barsamian,|eauthor 
700 1  Haberland, Christel M.,|eauthor 
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