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100 1  Sposato, Adam Michael 
245 12 A grammar of Xong|h[electronic resource] 
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500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 77-
       02(E), Section: A 
500    Adviser: Jeff C. Good 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--State University of New York at Buffalo, 
520    This dissertation is a descriptive grammar of Xong, a 
       language belonging to the Miao branch of the Miao-Yao 
       family. Xong has approximately 900,000 speakers, the vast 
       majority of whom live in Hunan and Guizhou Provinces in 
       south-central China. In particular, this description 
       concentrates on several fully mutually intelligible Xong 
       varieties spoken in Fenghuang County, located in the far 
       west of Hunan Province. The author uses basic linguistic 
       theory as his main theoretical framework, and this 
       dissertation thus provides a more or less straightworward 
       description of the language's phonological and grammatical
       systems with minimal emphasis on theoretical formalisms. 
       In producing this description, the author primarily relied
       on the fieldwork data he collected over a period of ten 
       (non-consecutive) months in Fenghuang County, although he 
       also made use of many of the previously published Chinese-
       language descriptions of Xong. To the best of the author's
       knowledge, this work is the first full-length English-
       language grammar of any Miao language 
590    School code: 0656 
650  4 Linguistics 
710 2  State University of New York at Buffalo.|bLinguistics 
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