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100 1  Stith, Danica 
245 10 Homemaker to Seductress: A Content Analysis of Gender 
       Stereotypes in Online Embedded Advertisements 
300    65 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 49-06, 
       page: 3443 
500    Adviser: Gretchen Perbix 
502    Thesis (M.A.)--Minnesota State University, Mankato, 2011 
520    Countless studies have documented and analyzed the 
       presence of gender stereotypes in print and television 
       advertisements, but very few have been performed on online
       advertisements. While the World Wide Web is no longer an 
       exciting new domain for us, researchers are only beginning
       to analyze the vast number of gender stereotypes that are 
       presented to viewers on a daily basis. The proliferation 
       of gender stereotypes (specifically female stereotypes) is
       obvious in print advertisements and television 
       advertisements, but do they also abound in online 
       advertisements? In my research, I performed a content 
       analysis of online embedded advertisements, specifically 
       in three types of informational websites (fitness, health,
       and parenting). The coding was performed using the 
       representations set forth by Hyun Jung Yun et al (2007). I
       found that online embedded advertisements seem to follow 
       the same stereotypical trends that print and television 
       advertisements use. The majority of the advertisements 
       portrayed women in traditional roles and decorative roles.
       There were a few advertisements that portrayed women in 
       non-traditional roles, as well as one advertisement that 
       presented a woman in a neutral way, with no apparent 
590    School code: 1510 
650  4 Technical Communication 
650  4 Web Studies 
650  4 Gender Studies 
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710 2  Minnesota State University, Mankato.|bEnglish: MA 
       Technical Communication 
773 0  |tMasters Abstracts International|g49-06 
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