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書名 United Nations Conference on the Application of Science and Technology for the Benefit of the Less Developed Areas papers. L.3-L.32
出版項 Geneva : United Nations, 1963
館藏地 索書號 處理狀態 OPAC 訊息 條碼
 近史所郭廷以圖書館  A 338.91 U58u  L.3-L.32    在架上    30550100418894
 Agenda item: L.3 
 E/CONF.39/L/5The scope and design of open-wire carrier telephone transmission networks / C.F. Boyce 
 E/CONF.39/L/13A program of telecommunications development / A. Soriano 
 E/CONF.39/L/14Automation of long distance telecommunications / Allan R. Mossberg 
 E/CONF.39/GR.15(L)Problems involved in the development of national and international telecommunications networks: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 E/CONF.39/L/24Hyperfrequency links / Maurice Apotheloz 
 E/CONF.39/L/40Planning of telecommunications systems in the underdeveloped regions / L. Huchon 
 E/CONF.39/L/68Experience of the United States in bringing modern telephone service to unserved areas / E.F. Renshaw 
 E/CONF.39/L/69Basic planning for a communication system / C.A. Dahlbom, E.C. Laird, O. Myers 
 E/CONF.39/L/70Modern high frequency telecommunications / Edmund Laport 
 E/CONF.39/L/77The extension of the international telecommunication network / M.M. Riad 
 Agenda item: L.3.1 
 E/CONF.39/L/9Problems on establishing the international telecommunication network / Yoshio Furuhashi 
 E/CONF.39/L/34Australian proposals for numbering and switching of a world-wide automatic telephone network / G.E. Hams, I.A. Newstead 
 E/CONF.39/L/48Argentine radioelectric plan / Jose Rodriguez Galan 
 E/CONF.39/L/53Hertzian waves in countries in course of development / S. Rakover 
 E/CONF.39/L/56The inter-American telecommunication network, the extension of international telecommunications with particular reference to the inter-American telecommunication network / Carlos Nunez Arellano 
 Agenda item: L.3.3 
 E/CONF.39/L/23VHF, UHF and microwave links / J.H.H. Merriman 
 E/CONF.39/L/32Australian experience in the use of microwave links and their application as compared with coaxial cable systems / A.H. Kaye 
 E/CONF.39/L/41Micro-wave inter-communication / Adan Gloria Arredondo 
 E/CONF.39/L/43Planning of radio relay systems in areas less developed from the point of view of telecommunications / Rudolf Kaiser 
 Agenda item: L.3.4 
 E/CONF.39/L/4Telphone, teleprint and facsimile reproduction systems / J. Rhodes 
 E/CONF.39/L/10Telecommunication engineering in rural developing areas in Japan / Dairoku Yokoi 
 E/CONF.39/L/20Advantages of automatic telephone service in the small cities of the Portuguese provinces of Africa: the most convenient rates: a typical example / Amarilio Da Silva Ramalho 
 E/CONF.39/L/22Facsimile equipment for transmitting weather charts / Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization 
 E/CONF.39/L/58The introduction of automatic telegraph switching in Australia / S.R. McHenry 
 Agenda item: L.4 
 E/CONF.39/L/19The use of radar in development areas / M. Sollima 
 E/CONF.39/L/44Use of mobile radio equipment for transport and supply purposes (railways, motor vehicles, waterways, power and water supplies) and in emergencies / Keidel, Strunz 
 E/CONF.39/L/50The use of radar on the high seas and in coastal waters: special surveying procedures in coastal waters: consol beacons for navigation on the high seas, on fishing grounds and near to the coast / H.C. Freiesleben 
 Agenda item: L.4.1 
 E/CONF.39/L/28Development of radio communication systems for police, fire and similar public services / R. Watson 
 E/CONF.39/L/33Computers and data transmission / D. Fenna, D.B. Synnott 
 E/CONF.39/L/47Two unusual applications of radio-telephony in Australia / W.D. Rhys-Jones 
 E/CONF.39/L/59Flying doctor services in Australia: organization and telecommunications / H.E. Downes, L.F. Pearson 
 E/CONF.39/L/66The relationship of telecommunications in air transport to national development goals / Herbert Sherman 
 E/CONF.39/L/78Radio navigation / Pierre Pivot 
 Agenda item: L.4.2 
 E/CONF.39/L/29Use of the telex network for transmission of data / D.J.P. Faugeras 
 Agenda item: L - E 
 E/CONF.39/GR.28(L)Specialised training of personnel in the field of transportation and communications: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 Agenda item: L.4.3 
 E/CONF.39/L/79Computer technologies and the developing countries / V. Sadagopan 
 Agenda item: L.4 - L.5 
 E/CONF.39/GR.52(L)Telecommunications in specialised fields; Recent major advances and current developments in the field of electronics of interest to developing areas: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 Agenda item: L.5 
 E/CONF.39/L/45Scientific research and telecommunications / M. Ponte 
 E/CONF.39/L/73Advances in and uses of tropospheric scatter techniques for communications / W.H. Radford, T.F. Rogers 
 Agenda item: L.5.1 
 E/CONF.39/L/26Benefits obtained from the application of transistorized circuits to certain industries / Humberto R. Ciancaglini 
 E/CONF.39/L/49Some uses of transistors in Australian telecommunications / J.C. Wilson 
 Agenda item: L.5.2 
 E/CONF.39/L/31Satellite communication systems / J.K.S. Jowett 
 E/CONF.39/L/60Hertzian (radiowave) beams for television using earth satellites / Francis Anguera 
 E/CONF.39/L/65The impact of communications satellites on the less developed areas / Leonard Jaffee, T. Arthur Smith, L.D. Attaway 
 Agenda item: L.5.4 
 E/CONF.39/L/39Telecommunication and the peaceful uses of outer space / Gerald C. Gross, Clifford Stead 
 Agenda item: L.32 
 E/CONF.39/L/18Transoceanic telephone cables / R.J. Halsey 
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