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100 1  Satpathy, Siddharth 
245 12 A literary history of the pastoral subject 
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500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 73-
       07, Section: A, page:  
500    Advisers: Dipesh Chakrabarty; Elaine Hadley 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--The University of Chicago, 2012 
520    This dissertation studies the formation of a pastoral 
       subject in early nineteenth-century England and India. It 
       traces the pastoral subject position across two archival 
       sites: first, a voluminous body of evangelical narratives 
       produced by a Victorian Baptist mission to Orissa, a 
       province on the east coast of colonial India. Second, a 
       select set of fictional narratives of education produced 
       by canonical Victorian authors, Sarah Stickney Ellis and 
       Charlotte Bronte 
520    I conceptualize the pastoral subject as a witness to 
       certain moments of tension between two prominent forms of 
       European disciplinary modernity: Christian pastoral and 
       secular governmental. In their influential analyses, 
       Charles Taylor and Michel Foucault track a history of co-
       operation between pastoral and governmental forms of 
       disciplinary power in the constitution of the modern 
       European social and political order in the long eighteenth
       -century. I extend the scope of these analyses by 
       excavating a pastoral subject position that resists 
       absorption into an increasingly governmentalized social 
       and political body 
520    The dissertation employs translation as a method of 
       critical enquiry as well as a description of the process 
       of subject formation. The pastoral subject achieves 
       visibility when we reconstruct two historical processes of
       translation. First, the way in which the European 
       discourse of disciplinary modernity is translated into non
       -European societies through the modern missionary 
       movement. Second, the way in which the European discourse 
       of disciplinary modernity is translated into European 
       literary culture in the novel of education, especially 
       those written by authors with evangelical sympathies. The 
       pastoral subject is the locus of these translations 
520    I cast the history of this subject position and the 
       translations he lives with as a literary history that is 
       transnational. The pastoral subject that emerges in the 
       evangelical narratives produced by the Baptist mission---
       constitutional narratives, ethnological pamphlets, 
       topological descriptions, autobiographies---is best 
       reconstructed by a mode of literary historiography that 
       constitutes a dialogue between metropolitan and colonial 
       literary traditions. Read in conjunction with these 
       colonial narratives, which were heavily in circulation in 
       the Victorian evangelical public sphere, the works of 
       Ellis and Bronte become visible as populated by pastoral 
       subjects who exceed the metropole-colony dyad 
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