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作者 Polettini, Altair De Fatima Furigo
書名 Teachers' perceptions of change: An examination of mathematics teaching life histories
說明 212 p
附註 Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 56-10, Section: A, page: 3872
Director: James W. Wilson
Thesis (Ph.D.)--The University of Georgia, 1995
The purpose of the research study was to identify teachers' perceptions of their own development. That is, teachers' perceptions of changes that occurred in their thought and/or practice over time and their perceptions of what kind of experiences or challenges might have influenced those changes. It provided an opportunity for the participants to reflect on changes they believe occurred in their thought and practice throughout their career and the processes by which changes might have occurred. It took into account aspects of teachers' lives that might have influenced them to change their mathematics teaching, including personal, social, and professional influences. (Teachers' thought) was interpreted as encompassing teachers' knowledge and beliefs about mathematics, mathematics teaching, and mathematics learning. The discussion of teachers' knowledge was concentrated on content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, and curriculum knowledge. The study considered a context of curriculum development in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Topical life history was chosen as a research methodology, stressing the participants' mathematics teaching life histories. Four mathematics teaching life histories were conducted. Two of the participants were secondary mathematics teachers and two were elementary teachers. The data included informal and formal interviews, class observations, field notes, and written documents
The mathematics teaching life histories showed that the participants felt the need for change and started developing a commitment to change when they started reflecting more on their thought and practice through the curriculum change process. Close support was important at the beginning of their process of change. The secondary mathematics teachers changed the way they taught certain content, especially geometry, but did not move to a more investigative environment for mathematics teaching yet. The elementary teachers moved quickly to a more investigative environment. Lasting changes occurred when teachers developed ownership in how to teach a content. Comprehensive changes occurred when teachers changed the view of their role as teachers
Their process of change has been permeated by different kinds of support and/or constraints, and reflection on thought and practice
School code: 0077
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 56-10A
主題 Education, Mathematics
Psychology, Developmental
Alt Author The University of Georgia
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