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245 04 The hermeneutics of hell :|bvisions and representations of
       the devil in world literature /|cedited by Gregor 
       Thuswaldner, Daniel Russ 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
       Palgrave Macmillan,|c2017 
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       digital ;|c22 cm 
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505 0  1 Introduction: The Devil You Know and the Devils You 
       Don't Know -- 2 Two Brass Mites of the Widow : Saint 
       Bridget of Sweden and the Terrors of Hell -- 3 The Uses of
       Tentatio: Satan, Luther, and Theological Maturation -- 4 
       As an Angel of Light: Satanic Rhetoric in Early Modern 
       Literature and Theology -- 5 Astrophal redivivus: The 
       Coinage of the Discourse on the Devil in the Early Modern 
       Age in Georg Bernardt SJ's Tundalus redivivus (1622) -- 6 
       The Drama of Hell: Sources and Interpretation in 17th 
       Century Operatic Infernal Scenes -- 7 The Dia-bolic Logic 
       of logos Towards a Hermeneutics of Hell in Goethe's Faust 
       -- 8 Literature, Theology, Survival -- 9 Dostoevsky's 
       Demons -- 10 "la maniere de Milton": Baudelaire Reads 
       Milton's Satan -- 11 Money as the Devil in B. Traven's 
       "Assembly Line" and Its Sources in Scripture, the Faust 
       Legend, and New England Puritanism -- 12 Visions of Hell 
       in Flannery O'Connor -- 13 "He Haunts One for Hours 
       Afterwards": Demonic Dissonance in Milton's Satan and 
       Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep -- 14 "The One Who Knocks:" 
       Milton's Lucifer and the American Tragic Character -- 15 
       Reading the devil in the landscape -- 16 A Landscape of 
       the Damned: Evil and Nothingness in Cormac McCarthy's 
       Outer Dark 
520    This collection of essays analyzes global depictions of 
       the devil from theological, Biblical, and literary 
       perspectives, spanning the late Middle Ages to the 21st 
       century. The chapters explore demonic representations in 
       the literary works of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Fyodor 
       Dostoyevsky, Dante Alighieri, Charles Baudelaire, John 
       Milton, H.P. Lovecraft, and Cormac McCarthy, among others.
       The text examines other media such as the operas Orfeo and
       Erminia sul Giordano and the television shows Breaking Bad,
       The Sopranos, and Mad Men. The Hermeneutics of Hell, 
       featuring an international set of established and up-and-
       coming authors, masterfully examines the evolution of the 
       devil from the Biblical accounts of the Middle Ages to the
       individualized presence of the modern world 
650  0 Devil in literature 
650 14 Literature 
650 24 Literary History 
650 24 Comparative Literature 
650 24 Medieval Literature 
650 24 Early Modern/Renaissance Literature 
650 24 Literature and Technology/Media 
650 24 Contemporary Literature 
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