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100 1  Torres, Milton J 
245 10 Environmental problems of fossil fuels and suggested 
       solution: Hydrogen energy system; a one semester 
       multidisciplinary course for upper division science and 
       engineering students 
300    223 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 50-
       11, Section: B, page: 5280 
500    Supervisor: T. Nejat Veziroglu 
502    Thesis (D.A.)--University of Miami, 1989 
520    The impending crisis of fossil fuel exhaustion, the 
       devastating acid rain, the "greenhouse effect" have made 
       the search for an alternate fuel imperative to the 
       survival of man. This course is designed to inform all 
       upper division science and engineering students about the 
       nature of the crisis and to suggest a viable solution. The
       hydrogen energy system has not had the media coverage 
       necessary for an implementation to ever occur. There is a 
       need for the dissemination of this knowledge and 
       information to the leaders of tomorrow. This project 
       provides the vehicle by which this information can be 
       extended to all scientific and engineering disciplines 
520    This project covers, in enough detail, the essence of the 
       subject in order to inform the scientific community of 
       tomorrow of the alternative energy systems which are not 
       only economically feasible, but environmentally benign. It
       is the intention of this project to emphasize that 
       alternatives exist that could save the destruction of the 
       forests, the agriculture of the world, and still supply 
       the necessary energy for survival of the species. The 
       bottom line is always of interest to the entrepreneurs of 
       the world, so an attempt to derive a viable bottom line is
       made with the knowledge that it is only results that 
       impress those in key positions in the world's economy. The
       complete overview of the hydrogen energy system is given 
       so that the reader will have a basis to either seek 
       further answers or to enlist support for its 
590    School code: 0125 
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650  4 Engineering, Mechanical 
650  4 Education, Higher 
650  4 Environmental Sciences 
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710 2  University of Miami 
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