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100 1  Fal, Timothy J 
245 10 Dynamic Magnetics: Microwave Interactions with Magnetic 
       Structures on both a Macroscopic and Microscopic Scale 
300    155 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 72-
       06, Section: B, page:  
500    Adviser: Robert E. Camley 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Colorado at Colorado Springs,
520    Microwave interactions with magnetic materials are an 
       important topic with research being done for signal 
       processing devices and magnetic storage. There is an 
       interest in how magnetic materials affect electromagnetic 
       signals and in turn, how the signals affect the magnetic 
       material. In this work, we present analytical and 
       numerical calculations for electromagnetic waves 
       interacting with thin-film magnetic materials as well as 
       magnetic nano structures 
520    The first part of this dissertation focuses on how a 
       microwave signal is affected by a magnetic material. These
       results can be applied to signal processing devices such 
       as notch filters, band pass filters, phase shifters, and 
       isolators. The materials considered in the analysis are 
       iron, M-type barium hexagonal ferrite, permalloy, and 
       yttrium iron garnet 
520    The second part of this dissertation focuses on how a 
       magnetic material is affected by a microwave signal. 
       Micromagnetic simulations are used to track the 
       magnetization direction of a magnetic nano structures as 
       it evolves with time in an oscillating magnetic field. The
       results demonstrate the possibility of microwave assisted 
       magnetic reversal for magnetic nano squares and bilayer 
       exchange spring structures 
590    School code: 0892 
650  4 Physics, General 
650  4 Physics, Electricity and Magnetism 
650  4 Physics, Theory 
650  4 Engineering, Materials Science 
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710 2  University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.|bCollege of 
       Letters, Arts, and Sciences - Applied Science - Physics 
773 0  |tDissertation Abstracts International|g72-06B 
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