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University of Colorado at Boulder. Computer Science    
      Computational correlates of access consciousness   電子書
      Coordination Resolution in Biomedical Texts   紙本資料
      An experimental analysis of classifier ensembles for learning drifting concepts over time in autonomous outdoor robot navigation   電子書
      A framework for undistorting the picture of a non-planar surface   紙本資料
18 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Boulder. East Asian Language and Literature    
      Domesticity, criminality, and part-time work: The laboring body in Kirino Natsuo's Auto   紙本資料
      Foreign language effect: A methodological examination of cognitive ability decline during foreign language use   紙本資料
      The historical narrative mode in "Benshi shi"   紙本資料
      Importance of aesthetics in language learning websites: Students' preferences regarding kana learning websites   紙本資料
8 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Boulder. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology    
      Evolution of drug resistance in multiple distinct lineages of influenza A/H5N1   紙本資料
      High and dry: Spaced out microbes in arid alpine environments   紙本資料
      Interactions of climate, carbon, and nutrient cycling in wet tropical forest   紙本資料
      Microbial succession within a pro-glacial zone: The Middle Fork Toklat Glacier, Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska, USA   紙本資料
      Systematics, population structure and demography of the African dwarf crocodile (Osteolaemus spp.): A perspective from multiple scales   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Boulder. Economics    
      Air quality regulation and the reduction of toxic and greenhouse gases   紙本資料
      Energy Markets in the United States: The Influence of Politics, Regulations, and Markets on Energy Development in the Oil and Gas and Wind Industries   紙本資料
      Essaying a pseudo-panel approach: Studies on education, women, and income inequality in Thailand   紙本資料
      Offshoring, immigration, and the domestic labor market   紙本資料
8 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Boulder. Education    
      Assessing a new approach to class-based affirmative action   紙本資料
      Between theory and practice: Capturing the story of a teaching life in one high school literature classroom   紙本資料
      Can college students evaluate information sources? Validating a Web-based assessment of evaluation skills   紙本資料
      Comparative literacies: Families' literacy practices at home and the public library   電子書
11 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Boulder. Electrical Engineering    
      Atmospheric parameters in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere estimated using the Platteville, CO (40°N, 105°W) interferometric meteor radars   電子書
      Characterization of carbon nanotubes and nanowires and their applications   紙本資料
      Circular patch antenna loaded with negative permeability substrate   紙本資料
      Closed-loop adaptive impedance tuners for improving RF transmitter efficiency   紙本資料
17 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Boulder. English    
      Artificial sprites and illusions: The theatricality of magic on the early modern English stage   紙本資料
      The Kitchen Master   紙本資料
      Pity Poor Flesh   紙本資料
      Writing the disasters: The messianic turn in postwar American poetry   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Boulder. Environmental Studies    
      The concrete jungle: Environmental awareness and experiences of nature among urban children   紙本資料
      Government-to-private sector energy programs: Identification of common elements leading to successful implementation   紙本資料
      Interaction between renewable energy markets and carbon markets: Optimal policies to meet societal goals   電子書
      A shift in diatom composition due to increased weathering and nitrogen deposition   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Boulder. Geography    
      Assessing supraglacial water volume and the changing dynamics of the surface topography near the Jakobshavn Glacier, Greenland   紙本資料
      Eating like a market   電子書
      Grain as Commodity: The Making of Chinese Consumer-Citizens through the Northeast Rice Network   紙本資料
      Home as performance: The reproduction and resistance of home by workers in the Japanese tourist industry   紙本資料
8 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Boulder. Geology    
      The determination of soil hydraulic properties in land surface models from remotely sensed surface temperature   電子書
      The effects of lithology on glacial landscape evolution, paced using terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides: Examples from the Colorado Rocky Mountains and the Kichatna Mountains, Alaska Range, Alaska   紙本資料
      An investigation of the oceanic redistribution of carbon during the last deglaciation   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Boulder. German/Slavic    
      Becoming bilingual: A comprehensive overview of bilingualism in the United States   電子書
      Facilitating foreign language teaching in elementary schools using the Natural Approach   電子書
      The politics of comedy: The standup comedy of Serdar Somuncu   紙本資料
      "The once and future site of the U.S. embassy Berlin": A discursive analysis of planning, negotiation, and reception   紙本資料
2 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Boulder. History    
      "Containment without isolation": The intellectual origins of Sino-American rapprochement   紙本資料
      Michael Mooney and the Leadville Irish: Respectability and resistance at 10,200 feet, 1875--1900   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Boulder. Integrative Physiology    
      Age-associated differences in discharge rate modulation of human motor units   紙本資料
      Effects of gravitational and inertial forces on human locomotion   電子書
      Energy expenditure during passive cycling: The effects of leg mass, cadence, and adaptation   紙本資料
      Functional interactions of alpha4beta2*-type nicotinic acetylcholine receptors with GABAB autoreceptors and calcineurin   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Boulder. Journalism    
      And knowing is half the battle: How endorsements for war were hidden in CNN's coverage of the conflict with Iraq   電子書
      Building News Communities Online: Opportunities in Digital Journalism   紙本資料
      ICTs and Burma: A contextual analysis   紙本資料
      In search of an effective citizen journalism platform: A case study of the Resolving Door project   紙本資料
5 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Boulder. Linguistics    
      Contact-induced cross-dialectal phonetic variability in an endangered Iranian language The case of Taleshi   電子書 2016
      Cross-linguistic variation in turn taking practices: A computational study of the Callhome corpus   紙本資料
      Dysfluencies in first language communication: A cognitive model of bilingual language control and production   紙本資料
      The Effect of the Postnasal on the Gestural Overlapping between the Nasal and the Vowel in Saudi Arabic Fahad Hamad Alrashed   電子書 2015
18 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Boulder. Mathematics    
      Analysis of American options   電子書
      Counting directed acyclic graphs and its application to Monte Carlo learning of Bayesian networks   電子書
      Moufang sets of finite Morley rank   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Boulder. Mechanical Engineering    
      Adaptive Wavelet-Based Ocean Circulation Modeling   紙本資料
      Advances and development of all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries   紙本資料
      Air pollutant sources and exposure: Organic tracers for source identification of exposure to fine particles and effects of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on ozone concentrations in Colorado   紙本資料
      ALD Enabled Wafer Level Polymer Packaging for MEMS   紙本資料
10 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Boulder. Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology    
      An analysis of latent membrane protein-1 signaling complexes and their contribution to Epstein-Barr virus infection   紙本資料
      Ecology, phylogenetics, and ultrastructure of Archaea   紙本資料
      Global patterns of bacterial diversity   電子書
      How reticulon gets the ER into shape   紙本資料
      The two Tetrahymena thermophila SAS-6 homologs perform distinct functions in basal body assembly   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Boulder. Museum Studies    
      An analysis of institutional support for young adult programming: How six Denver-metro area cultural institutions are adjusting to changing patterns of cultural participation among a young adult audience   紙本資料
      Body size evolution in Leptomeryx and Rhinocerotinae (Subhyracodon and Trigonias) across the Eocene-Oligocene (Chadronian-Orellan) boundary   紙本資料
      A floristic survey of the Baca National Wildlife Refuge, San Luis Valley, Colorado   電子書
      Frozen organic artifacts, museum practice, and community archeology: An example from Alaska's Wrangell St. Elias National Park   紙本資料
      Racial, ethnic and gender diversity of the U.S. museum workforce: Trends, implications and solutions   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Boulder. Music    
      Career decisions of string music educators: Factors associated with retention, migration, and attrition   電子書
      Fandom: Participatory music behavior in the age of postmodern media   紙本資料
      Flamenco gestures: Musical meaning in motion   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Boulder. Philosophy    
      Developing a new global poverty metric: Toward a pro-poor approach   紙本資料
      Liberal-democratic education and the challenge of religion   紙本資料
      A natural account of religious experiences   紙本資料
      'No body to kick, no soul to damn'...and yet: The modern corporation as moral agent   紙本資料
2 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Boulder. Physics    
      Arctic Ocean Tides from GRACE Satellite Accelerations   紙本資料
      Atoms, molecules and clusters in intense laser fields   紙本資料
      Control and dynamics of few-body systems at ultracold temperatures   紙本資料
      Generation, temporal characterization and applications of femtosecond-/ attosecond extreme ultraviolet pulses   紙本資料
5 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Boulder. Political Science    
      Are new media filling the holes created in traditional media?   紙本資料
      Bicameral Bargaining and Resolution in the United States Congress   紙本資料
      The evolution of the news media in China: Understanding gradual change in market-authoritarian regimes   紙本資料
      The French headscarf affair: Universality, secularism, and autonomy   紙本資料
8 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Boulder. Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences    
      Airborne in situ measurements of cirrus cloud total water using a laser hygrometer and intercomparisons with satellite observations   電子書
      The characteristics of mid-latitude and low-latitude ice cloud crystals   紙本資料
      Characterizing fog and the physical mechanisms leading to its formation during precipitation in a coastal area of the northeastern United States   電子書
      Data analysis from remote sensing to better constrain emission and transport of carbonaceous aerosol and carbon monoxide resulting from burning processes   電子書
      An intricate balance of liquid and ice: The properties, processes, and significance of Arctic stratiform mixed-phase clouds   電子書
University of Colorado at Boulder. Psychology : 中央研究院; 紙本資料     
      The relationship between individual differences in working memory and filtering task-irrelevant information, in children and adults   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Boulder. Sociology    
      Beyond the gender divide in mental health: Relationships between dimensions of mental health and overall self-ratings   紙本資料
      Creating the blue code: Identity, gender and class in a police training environment   電子書
      Drug use and eating disorders: Young women's instrumental use of drugs for weight management   紙本資料
      From the seats to the streets: MoveOn.org and the mobilization of online progressive activists   紙本資料
4 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Boulder. Spanish and Portuguese : 資訊服務處; 紙本資料     
      Other worlds, other words: Ana Maria Matute's fantasy trilogy   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Boulder. Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences : 中央研究院; 紙本資料     
      Assessing and analyzing social problem solving skills of elementary-age hard-of-hearing students in Taiwan   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Boulder. Telecommunications    
      Design of an Electro-Optic Modulator for High Speed Communications   紙本資料
      Technical operating rules in flexible spectrum management regimes within the EU, U.K., and Australia and their applicability to the U.S   紙本資料
      Understanding asymmetric links, buffers and bi-directional TCP performance   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Boulder. Theatre and Dance    
      Assessing color blind casting in American theatre and society   紙本資料
      Creating "West Side Story": An Investigation of the Sociopolitical Backgrounds and Collaborative Relationships of Jerome Robbins, Arthur Laurents, Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim in the Creation of the Original Broadway roduction of "West Side Story"   紙本資料
      The London plays of Phyllis Nagy: Distorting space in-yer-face   紙本資料
      The new grotesque: The theatre of Martin McDonagh and Tracy Letts   紙本資料
5 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs    
      Advancing ontology alignment: New methods for biomedical ontology alignment using non equivalence relations   紙本資料
      Age-related changes in the allocation of attention to emotional stimuli   紙本資料
      Communalism values and the academic success and retention of the African American male student in community college   紙本資料
      Design of high speed output drivers   電子書
12 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 1989 : 資訊所圖書室; 紙本資料     
      A domain independent natural language parser for an intelligent tutoring system / Karen M. Michels 在架上   紙本資料 1989
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. College of Education - Educational Leadership    
      A comparative analysis of freedom and educational outcomes using TIMSS and PIRLS   紙本資料
      Leadership style and organizational growth: A correlational study   紙本資料
      Student Achievement Through the Development of Complete High School Culture   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. College of Engineering and Applied Science - Electrical Engineering    
      Advances In Microwave Metamaterials   紙本資料
      Electrically Tunable Liquid Crystal Millimeter Wave Devices   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences - Applied Science - Physics : 資訊服務處; 紙本資料     
      Dynamic Magnetics: Microwave Interactions with Magnetic Structures on both a Macroscopic and Microscopic Scale   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences - Psychology    
      Attributions and symptom reports of cognitive impairment: Testing the symmetry rule in caregiver therapy clients   紙本資料
      The recognition of facial expressions: An investigation of the influence of age, sex, and cognition   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Denver    
      The academic discipline of nonprofit organization management: Past, present and future   電子書
      Accountability in nonprofit organizations: A framework for addressing the public interest   電子書
      Analysis and numerical solution of nonlinear Volterra partial integrodifferential equations modeling swelling porous materials   紙本資料
      Architecture and authenticity: Constructing the ontological   電子書
65 其他項目    
University of Colorado at Denver. Architecture    
      Fun house ludus loci and the American home as folly   紙本資料
      In blind sight: Wayfinding in the absence of vision   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Denver. College of Business and : 歐美所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Business driven information technology : answers to 100 critical questions for every manager / David R. Laube and Raymond F. Zammuto, editors 在架上   紙本資料 2003
University of Colorado at Denver. Computer Science : 資訊服務處; 紙本資料     
      Study of resource management for multitenant database systems in cloud computing   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Denver. Computer Science and Information Systems : 人文社會聯圖; 電子書     
      Finding the Components of the Primary Language Focusing on the Algorithm of Discovery Nesreen Alharbi   電子書 2018
University of Colorado at Denver. Educational Studies and Research    
      Preparing teachers to work with English learners: Exploring the potential for transformative learning in an online English as a Second Language for Educators course   紙本資料
      Utilizing an early childhood science curriculum: Factors influencing implementation and how variations affect students' skills and attitudes   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Denver. Electrical Engineering    
      Fault detection and isoloation in low-voltage DC-bus microgrid systems   紙本資料
      Optimal power flow in microgrid   紙本資料
      Spatial static interference detection in digital video   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Denver. Health and Behavioral Sciences : 資訊服務處; 紙本資料     
      Health care at a crossroads: Medical tourism and the dismantling of Costa Rican exceptionalism   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Denver. Public Affairs : 資訊服務處; 紙本資料     
      The effects of governance corruption on education budgets and income in Central and Eastern Europe   紙本資料
University of Colorado at Denver. Recording Arts    
      Establishing a standard for digital audio authenticity: A critical analysis of tools, methodologies, and challenges   紙本資料
      A proposed solution to the issue of proprietary DCCTV video file playback   紙本資料
University of Colorado Boulder : 歐美所圖書館; 期刊     
      English language notes 館內使用   期刊
University of Colorado, Boulder. Academic Media Services : 歐美所圖書館; 錄影資料     
      Barbara Takenaga University of Colorado, Department of Fine Arts ; directed by Kate Albers 館內使用   錄影資料 c2003
University of Colorado (Boulder campus)    
      Algebraic groups and discontinuous subgroups Symposium on Algebraic Groups, July 5-August 6, 1965, Boulder, Colorado / Armand Borel, George D. Mostow, editors   電子書 1966
      English language notes 館內使用   期刊
      Experience, structure & adaptability / editor: O. J. Harvey 在架上   紙本資料 c1966
University of Colorado (Boulder campus). Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research : 生命科學圖書館; 電腦檔     
      Arctic and alpine research   電腦檔 1998
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