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作者 Bose, Satyendranath
書名 Satyendra Nath Bose - His Life and Times : Selected Works
出版項 Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, 2009
國際標準書號 9789812790729 (electronic bk.)
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說明 1 online resource (513 pages)
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附註 Contents -- Foreword -- Acknowledgments -- Satyendra Nath Bose - His Life and Times K. C. Wali -- Beginnings -- Presidency College, Swadeshi Movement -- Marriage, Career Ups and Downs -- Paris and Berlin -- Professor in Dacca -- Khaira Professor in Calcutta -- Aftermath, Independent India -- Travels Abroad -- Vice Chancellor at Visva-Bharati -- Professor Emeritus -- National Professor -- Conclusion -- References and Notes -- I. Selected Scientific Papers -- A. Early Papers - Classical Physics -- On the Influence of the Finite Volume of Molecules on the Equation of State [Phil. Mag. Ser. 6, 36, pp. 199-203 (1918)] M. N. Saha and S. N. Basu -- On the Herpolhode [Bull. Cal. Math. Soc. 11, pp. 21-22 (1919)] S. Basu -- On The Equation of State [Phil. Mag. Ser. 6, 39, p. 456 (1920)] M. N. Saha and S. N. Basu -- B. Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Statistics -- On the Deduction of Rydberg's Law from the Quantum Theory of Spectral Emission [Phil. Mag. 40, pp. 619-627 (1920)] S. N. Basu -- Plancks Gesetz und Lichtquantenhypothese [Z. Physik 26, pp. 168-171 (1924)] Bose -- Planck's Law and the Light-Quantum Hypothesis [English translation of Z. Physik 26, pp. 168-171 (1924)] Bose -- Wiirmegleichgewicht im Strahlungsfeld bei Anwesenheit von Materie [Z. Physik 27, pp. 384-393 (1924)] S. N. Bose -- Thermal Equilibrium in the Radiation Field in the Presence of Matter [English translation of Z. Physik 27, pp. 384-393 (1924)] S. N. Bose -- A Note on Dirac Equation and the Zeeman Effect [Ind. J. Phys. 17, pp. 301-308 (1943)J S. N. Bose and K. Basu -- C. The Ionosphere - Mathematical Physics -- Anomalous Dielectric Constant of Artificial Ionosphere [Sci. fj Cult. 3, pp. 335-337 (1937)J S. N. Bose and S. R. Khastgir -- On the Total Reflection of Electromagnetic Waves in the Ionosphere [Ind. J. Phys. 12, pp. 121-144 (1938)J S. N. Bose
On the Complete Moment-Coefficients of the D2-Statistic [Sankhya ̃ Ind. J. Stat. 2, pp. 385-396 (1936)J S. N. Bose -- On the Moment-Coefficients of the D2-Statistic and Certain Integral and Differential Equations Connected with the Multivariate Normal Population [Sankhya ̃ Ind. J. Stat. 3, pp. 105-124 (1937)J S. N. Bose -- ALGEBRAIC IDENTITIES DEDUCED FROM THE POLYNOMIAL FOR -- \I OF THE MOMENT-COEFFICIẼTS OF THE D2_STATISTIC. -- ALoEBRAIO IDENTITIES DEDUOED FROM THE DIFFERENTIAL FORM OF THE MOMENT-COEFFlOIENT. -- THB INTEGRAL EQUATION OONNBOTBD WITH THE MOMENT-()OEFFICIENTS AND ITS SoLUTIONS. -- SPHERICAL FORM OF THE FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION CONNECTED WITH THE MULTIVARIATE NORMAL POPULATION. -- THE DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION IN PARABOLIO FORM. -- THE DIFJ<'ERENTIAL EQUATION IN THE PRODUCT J<'ROM. -- FURTHER REDUCTION OF THE PARABOLIC FORM TO POLAR FORM -- ON THE SERIES SOLUTION OF THE DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION. -- Studies in Lorentz Group [Bull. Cal. Math. Soc. 31, pp. 137-147 (1939)J S. N. Bose -- The Complete Solution of the Equation: V2¢ - c̃̃r2 -k2 ¢ = -41fp(xyzt) [Proc. Nat. Inst. Sc. India 7, pp. 93-102 (1941)J S. N. Bose and S. C. Kar -- On an Integral Equation Associated with the Equation for Hydrogen Atom [Bull. Cal. Math. Soc. 37, pp. 51-61 (1945)J S. N. Bose -- D. Unified Field Theory -- The Identities of Divergence in the New Unitary Theory [English translation of Comptes rendus de L 'Academie des Sciences 236, pp. 1333-1335 (1953)J Note of S. N. Bose, presented by L. de Broglie -- A Unitary Field Theory with r J.' -I=- 0 [English translation of Le Jour de Phys et le Radium (Paris), 14, pp. 641-644 (1953)J S. N. Bose -- 1. Introduction -- 2. The new equations -- 3. Particular case
Certain Consequences of the Existence of the Tensor g in the Affine Relativistic Field [English translation of Le Jour de Phys et le Radium (Paris), 14, pp. 645-647 (1953)J S. N. Bose -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Case I. -- 3. Case II. -- The Affine Connection in Einstein's New Unitary Field Theory [Ann. Math. USA 59, pp. 171-176 (1954) (Princeton University, NJ)] S. N. Bose -- Solution of a Tensor Equation Occurring in the Unitary Field Theory [English translation of Bull. Soc. Math. 83, pp. 81-88 (1955)] S. N. Bose -- II. Satyendra N ath Bose -- A. Lectures and Addresses -- Science in Education [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 127-133] Proc. The Bengal Education Week, I, pp. 56-64 (1936) -- Visva-Bharati [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 141-144] Convocation address delivered at Visva-Bharati on 15 January 1957 -- Higher Education and Us [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 145-150] Convocation address delivered at Calcutta University in 1962 -- Man in the Scientific Age [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 157-161] Address at a Symposium in Tokyo, Japan 1962 -- The Mother Tongue [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 162-167] Address delivered in Bengali at the "Angrezi Hatao Conference" (Banish English Conference) at Hyderabad in October 1962 -- Education and Science [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 168-174] Convocation address delivered at Ranchi University on 11 May 1963 -- On His Seventieth Birthday [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 175-180] Address given in Bengali at the Mahajati Sadan Auditorium, Calcutta on 1 January 1964 -- The Krishnan Memorial Lecture, 1971 [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 188-195] Lecture delivered at the National Physical Laboratory on 12 March 1971 -- Education and the New Age [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 196-199] Address delivered in Bengali at the Rabindra Bharati University on 10 May 1971
At the Calcutta University Convocation 1973 [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 200-203] Convocation address delivered in Bengali at Calcutta University on 16 June 1973 -- Address at Seminar on Scientific Contributions of S. N. Bose [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 204-206] Speech delivered at the Calcutta Mathematical Society on 29 December 1973 -- B. Miscellaneous Pieces -- A Scientist's Apologia [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 219-223] -- The Progress of Science in Ancient India [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 224-229] -- The Early Phase of My Explorations in Science [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 244-249] -- Einstein (1935) [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 279-284] -- In the Company of Madame Curie [Man and His Work, Part II, pp. 290-291] -- III. Historical Perspectives -- Reflections -- A Loss of Identity: The Birth of Quantum Statistics [' Subtle is the Lord' The Science and Life of Albert Einstein (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1982)] A. Pais -- 23a. From Boltzmann to Dirac -- 23b. Bose -- 23c. Einstein -- 23d. Postscript on Bose-Einstein Condensation -- References -- Bose Statistics: A Historical Perspective [The Man and His Work, Part I, pp. 35-70] P. Ghose -- a. Planck's derivation of his law of black-body radiation -- b. Einstein's light-quantum hypothesis -- c. Debye's derivation of Planck's law -- d. Indistinguishability of Planck's quanta -- e. The introduction of phase space cells by Planck -- f. Spontaneous and induced transitions -- g. Reactions to the light-quantum hypothesis: discovery of the Compton effect -- h. Pauli's derivation of Planck's law -- i. Bose's derivation -- j. The birth of a new statistics: Einstein applies Bose's method to ideal gases -- k. The birth of wave mechanics -- 1. Further developments -- m. Did Bose make a 'shot in the dark'? -- n. Bose's secoDdpaper (1924) -- o. Bose's third (unpublished) paper (1925)
Referenees -- Who Discovered the Bose-Einstein Statistics? [Symmetries in Physics (1600-1690) -- Proc. 1st Int. Meeting, Saint Feliu de Guixoles, Catalonia, Spain (September 20-26, 1983) pp. 222-250] S. Bergia -- CONTENTS -- 1. Foreword -- 2. Bose's first paper of 1924 -- .3. The problem of the transmission -- 4. Planck's paper of 1900 -- 5. Debye 1910 -- 6. Natanson -- 7. The Wolfke-Krutkow dialogue and the idea of the «light molecules» -- 8. Ehrenfest and Kamerlingh Onnes -- 9. Wolfke 1921 -- 10. De Broglie on the statistics of light atoms -- 11. Radiation and free electrons: Compton, Pauli, Einstein and Ehrenfest -- 12. From Debye to Bose -- References -- DISCUSSION -- Addendum P. Ghose -- 1 de Broglie and Bose -- 2 Bose's second paper -- 3 Delbruck's Paper -- References -- Nobel Lecture: Bose-Einstein Condensation in a Dilute Gas, the First 70 Years and Some Recent Experiments* [Rev. Mod. Phys. 74,875 (2002)] E. A. Cornell and C. E. Wieman -- FAVORITE EXPERIMENTS -- Collective excitations -- Two-component condensates -- Coherence and condensate decay -- Feshbach resonance physics -- An optimistic appendix -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS -- REFERENCES -- Experimental Proof of the Spin of the Photon C. V. Raman and S. Bhagavantam -- 1. Introduction -- 2. The theory of photon spin -- 3. Selection rules in light-scattering -- 4. Scattering of spinning photons -- 5. Depolarisation of scattering -- 6. Experimental method and results -- 7. Observations with liquids -- Evidence for the Spin of the Photon from Light Scattering C. V. Raman and S. Bhagavantam -- S. N. Bose: The Man [Talk presented at a seminar on Albert Einstein, Dhaka, 30 May, 2005 -- Proc. Bangladesh Academy of Sciences] P. Ghose -- References -- Satyendranath Bose: Co-Founder of Quantum Statistics [Am. J. Phys. 40, 1212 (1972)] W. A. Blanpied -- I. INTRODUCTION: BOSE AND THE PLANCK LAW
Satyendra Nath Bose became a legendary figure of science in the 20th century in India with his revolutionary discovery on the nature of radiation. Despite the association with Einstein, however, little is known about him outside of India. This book highlights the remarkable intellect and the extraordinary personality of Bose set against the backdrop of a rich Bengali cultural tradition and British-Indian politics. Unlike other books covering the significance of Bose's discovery, this book describes his diverse scientific contributions to India's scientific community by bringing together selected articles and addresses by Bose as well as contributions from some well-known scientists on the many-faceted life of Bose, thus making it a truly unique volume
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鏈接 Print version: Bose, Satyendranath Satyendra Nath Bose - His Life and Times : Selected Works Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd,c2009 9789812790705
主題 Bose, Satyendranath, -- 1894-1974.;Bose-Einstein condensation.;Mathematical physics.;Physicists -- India -- Biography.;Quantum statistics.;Unified field theories
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Alt Author Wali, K. C
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