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245 00 Spirituality across disciplines :|bresearch and practice /
       |cedited by Marian de Souza, Jane Bone, Jacqueline Watson 
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300    1 online resource (xvii, 352 pages) :|billustrations, 
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520    This book collects multiple disciplinary voices which 
       explore current research and perspectives to discuss how 
       spirituality is understood, interpreted and applied in a 
       range of contexts. It addresses spirituality in 
       combination with such topics as Christian mysticism, 
       childhood and adolescent education, midwifery, and 
       sustainability. It links spirituality to a variety of 
       disciplines, including cognitive neuroscience, sociology, 
       and psychology. Finally, it discusses the application of 
       spirituality within the context of social work, teaching, 
       health care, and occupational therapy. A final chapter 
       provides an analytical discussion of the different voices 
       that appear in the book and offers a holistic description 
       of spirituality which has the potential to bring some 
       unity to the meaning, expression and practice of 
       spirituality across a variety of disciplines as well as 
       across cultural, religious and secular worldviews. "A 
       strength of the book is that each chapter is characterized
       by a fearless confronting of oppositional perspectives and
       use of the latest research in addressing them. The book 
       takes the difficult topic of spirituality into almost 
       every nook and cranny of personal and professional life. 
       There is a persistent grasping of the contentiousness of 
       the topic, together with addressing counter positions and 
       utilizing updated research across a range of fields in 
       doing this. The opening and closing chapters serve as book
       ends that keep the whole volume together." Terence Lovat, 
       The University of Newcastle, Australia "The 
       interdisciplinary nature of the work is by far the 
       strongest aspect of this volume. It has the potential to 
       contribute to a dialogue between different professions and
       disciplines. This prospective publication promises to 
       promote a more holistic approach to the study of 
       spirituality. This volume takes into consideration a wide 
       variety of issues. The way the editors have structured the
       sequence of chapters contributes to facilitate any 
       possible dialogue between the different areas." Adrian-
       Mario Gellel, University of Malta, Malta 
650  0 Spirituality 
650 14 Education 
650 24 Religion and Education 
650 24 Childhood Education 
650 24 Educational Philosophy 
650 24 Child Well-being 
650 24 Arts Education 
700 1  de Souza, Marian,|eeditor 
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700 1  Watson, Jacqueline,|eeditor 
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