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100 1  Weaver, Karen 
245 14 The launch of the Big Ten Network:  How 11 universities 
       created their own television network and changed the 
       college sports landscape 
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500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 70-
       04, Section: A, page: 1203 
500    Adviser:  Robert Zemsky 
502    Thesis (Ed.D.)--University of Pennsylvania, 2009 
520    The creation of the Big Ten Network, a television and 
       broadband endeavor devoted to the 11 Universities that 
       comprise the Big Ten Conference, sent a ripple throughout 
       higher education. This study traces a brief history of 
       collegiate broadcasting, with particular focus on the 
       pivotal role played by the Big Ten Conference. An 
       examination of the marketplace opportunities that existed 
       as the idea was constructed gives the reader insight as to
       the complexities that college presidents and conference 
       commissioners' face when negotiating with television and 
       cable networks. Instead of receiving broadcast rights fees
       for the televising of selected football and basketball 
       games, the Presidents in the Conference decided to start 
       their own broadcast venture. While many assume this 
       project was just about money and sports, through a series 
       of interviews with the key individuals involved, and a 
       review of memorandums and meeting minutes, there is more 
       to the story 
520    The Network became a means to deliver the message about 
       the values and brand of the Big Ten Conference. No longer 
       satisfied with having the broadcast networks "control the 
       message" about their schools, the new channel addresses 
       some of the social issues that impact today's campuses. 
       The Network decided not to permit any alcohol or gambling 
       commercials, and decided that by 2010, 50% of all 
       programming would be devoted to women's sports. Throughout
       the process, it was evident that the Presidents had 
       numerous opportunities to change direction and seek more 
       money, yet decided that their values were more important 
520    The Network also presents the opportunity to showcase the 
       student athletes, the faculty and with 660 hours per year 
       devoted to campus wide programming, the wider range of 
       life on a Big Ten campus 
520    This study provides a roadmap for college commissioners 
       and presidents seeking to use the explosion of digital 
       television and new media technology to promote and enhance
       their campus identity. The study concludes with 
       recommendations for the senior leadership teams as to how 
       to redirect some of the substantial dollars that the 
       Network will generate to uses that resonate with the land 
       grant mission of many of the campuses 
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710 2  University of Pennsylvania 
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