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Wynkoop, Mary Ann    
      Dissent in the heartland : the sixties at Indiana University / Mary Ann Wynkoop 在架上   紙本資料 c2002
      Dissent in the Heartland : The Sixties at Indiana University   電腦檔 2002
Wynkoop, Sally    
      Government reference books 運送中, 館內使用   紙本資料
      Subject guide to U.S. government reference sources / Judith Schiek Robinson 館內使用   紙本資料 1985
Wynkoop, Stephen / 著 : 生命科學圖書館; 紙本資料     
      SQL Server 6.5超級手冊. 基礎篇 / Stephen Wynkoop原著 ; 林子揚譯 在架上   紙本資料 1997
Wynkyn de Worde Society : 傅斯年圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Printing and publishing in medieval China / Denis Twitchett 到期 02-01-22, 在架上   紙本資料 1983
Wynn, Antony : 民族所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      A history of Persia / Percy Sykes ; with a new introduction by Antony Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2004
Wynn, Barbara / Implementing a resource-based relative volue scale fee schedule for physician services: an assessment of policy options for the california workers' compensation program RR-395-DIR : 歐美所圖書館; 電腦檔     
      RAND published documents. Vol. 2013.08 館內使用   電腦檔 c2013
Wynn, Barbara O    
      Adopting medicare fee schedules : considerations for the California workers' compensation program / Barbara O. Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 c2003
      Assessing the performance of military treatment facilities / Nancy Nicosia, Barbara O. Wynn, John A. Romley 在架上   紙本資料 2011
      Challenges in program evaluation of health interventions in developing countries / Barbara O. Wynn, Arindam Dutta, Martha I. Nelson 在架上   紙本資料 2005
      RAND published documents. Vol. 2013.09 館內使用   電腦檔 c2013
5 其他項目    
Wynn, Ceilidhe : 資訊服務處; 紙本資料     
      A Peace that Never Had A Chance: American and Allied Diplomacy towards the Russian Provisional Government, March--November 1917   紙本資料
Wynn, Charles M.    
      科学上的五大学说 / 查尔斯・M・怀恩, 阿瑟・W・惠金斯原著 ; [王伟强等译] 在架上   紙本資料 2002
      Quantum leaps in the wrong direction : where real science ends ... and pseudoscience begins / Charles M. Wynn and Arthur W. Wiggins ; with cartoons by Sidney Harris   電腦檔 2017
Wynn, Charles Watkin Williams, 1775-1850 : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      A letter to the Right Honourable Charles Watkin Williams Wynn, president of the Board of Control, &c. &c on the latent resources of India / by John Wheatley.   電子書 1823
Wynn, Charters, 1953- : 人社中心; 紙本資料     
      Workers, strikes, and pogroms : the Donbass-Dnepr Bend in late imperial Russia, 1870-1905 / Charters Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 c1992
Wynn, Cynthia : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      A study of the differences in parenting styles between substance abusers and non-substance abusers   電子書
Wynn, Edward, 1618-1669 : 中央研究院; 電腦檔     
      Trefn ymarweddiad gwîr Grîstion: neu Lwybr hyffordd i'r Cymro i rodio arno beunydd gŷd a'i dduw Edward Wynn. D.D   電腦檔 1662
Wynn, Elaine I : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Teacher morale in a rural Georgia school district in relation to likelihood to remain in the profession   電子書
Wynn, Eleanor H    
      IT innovation for adaptability and competitiveness IFIP TC8/WG8.6 seventh Working Conference on IT Innovation for Adaptability and Competitiveness, May 30-June 2, 2004, Leixlip, Ireland / edited by Brian Fitzgerald, Eleanor Wynn   電子書 c2004
      Virtuality and virtualization proceedings of the International Federation of Information Processing Working Groups 8.2 on Information Systems and Organizations and 9.5 on Virtuality and Society, July 29-31, 2007, Portland, Oregon, USA / edited by Kevin Crowston, Sandra Sieber, Elanor Wynn   電子書 2007
Wynn, Garrison    
      The real truth about success : what the top 1 percent do differently, why they won't tell you, and how you can do it anyway Garrison Wynn   電子書 c2010
      What!原來這樣就能成功 運用不公平,讓自己不一樣 / 葛里森.韋恩(Garrison Wynn)著; 袁世珮譯   電子書 2010
Wynn, Gary H., 1958-    
      Clinical manual of drug interaction principles for medical practice Gary H. Wynn ... [et al.]   電腦檔 2009
      Complementary and alternative medicine for PTSD / edited by David M. Benedek and Gary H. Wynn   電腦檔 2016
Wynn, Graeme,    
      Managed annihilation : an unnatural history of the Newfoundland cod collapse / Dean Bavington ; foreword by Graeme Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2010
      Shaped by the West Wind : Nature and History in Georgian Bay   電腦檔 2004
Wynn, Graeme, 1946-    
      Canada and arctic North America an environmental history / Graeme Wynn   電子書 c2007
      Canada and arctic North America an environmental history / Graeme Wynn   電子書 c2007
      People, places, patterns, processes : geographical perspectives on the Canadian past / edited by Graeme Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 1990
      A scholar's guide to geographical writing on the American and Canadian past / Michael P. Conzen, Thomas A. Rumney, Graeme Wynn 館內使用   紙本資料 1993
3 其他項目    
Wynn, H. P. (Henry P.) : 統計所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Quality through design : experimental design, off-line quality control, and Taguchi's contributions / N. Logothetis and H.P. Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 1989
Wynn, Henry : 統計所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Algebraic and geometric methods in statistics / edited by Paolo Gibilisco, Eva Riccomagno, Maria Piera Rogantin, Henry P. Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2010
Wynn, Henry, d. 1709 : 中央研究院; 電腦檔     
      The description and uses of the general horological-ring: or universal ring-dyal Being the invention of the late reverend Mr. W. Oughtred, as it is usually made of a portable pocket size. With a large and correct table of the latitudes of the principal places in every shire throughout England and Wales, &c. And several ways to find a meridian-line for the setting a horizontal dyal. By Henry Wynne, maker of mathematical instruments near the Sugar-loaf in Chancery-lane   電腦檔 1682
Wynn, Henry P    
      Algebraic methods in statistics and probability II AMS Special Session Algebraic Methods in Statistics and Probability, March 27-29, 2009, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL / Marlos A.G. Viana, Henry P. Wynn, editors   電子書 2010
      Algebraic statistics / Giovanni Pistone, Eva Riccomagno, Henry P.Riccoomagno, Henry P. Wynn. 在架上   紙本資料 c2001
      Dynamical search : applications of dynamical systems in search and optimization : interdisciplinary statistics / Luc Pronzato, Henry P. Wynn, Anatoly A. Zhigljavsky 在架上   紙本資料 c2000
      Moda 5 : advances in model-oriented data analysis and experimental design : proceedings of the 5th international workshop in Marseilles, France, June 22-26, 1998 / Anthony C. Atkinson, Luc Pronzato, Henry P. Wynn (eds.) 在架上   紙本資料 c1998
2 其他項目    
Wynn, James : 資訊服務處; 紙本資料     
      Life's rich pattern: The role of statistics and probability in nineteenth century argumentation for theories of evolution, variation, and heredity   紙本資料
Wynn, James, 1972- / author : 人文社會聯圖; 紙本資料     
      Citizen science in the digital age : rhetoric, science, and public engagement / James Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2017
Wynn, James D : 資訊服務處; 紙本資料     
      Working Toward a More Inclusive Culture: Recruiting Multicultural Staff To Public Schools   紙本資料
Wynn, Jeffrey C : 地球所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Mineral resource potential of the NB-20-4 Quadrangle, Eastern Guayana Shield, Bolívar State, Venezuela / by Jeffrey C. Wynn and Gary B. Sidder   紙本資料 1991
Wynn, John, Sir, 1553-1627 : 中央研究院; 電腦檔     
      The history of the Gwedir family by Sir John Wynne, the first baronet of that name, ...   電腦檔 1770
Wynn, Jonathan R.,    
      Music / city : American festivals and placemaking in Austin, Nashville, and Newport / Jonathan R. Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2015
      The tour guide : walking and talking New York / Jonathan R. Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2011
Wynn, Karen : 人文社會聯圖, 人社中心, 歐美所圖書館 ; 紙本資料     
      Language, logic, and concepts : essays in memory of John Macnamara / edited by Ray Jackendoff, Paul Bloom, and Karen Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 c1999
Wynn, L. L    
      Love, Sex, and Desire in Modern Egypt : Navigating the Margins of Respectability   電腦檔 2018
      Pyramids and Nightclubs : A Travel Ethnography of Arab and Western Imaginations of Egypt, from King Tut and a Colony of Atlantis to Rumors of Sex Orgies, Urban Legends About a Marauding Prince, and Blonde Belly Dancers   電腦檔 2007
Wynn, L. L., 1971-    
      Emergency contraception the story of a global reproductive health technology / edited by Angel M. Foster and L.L. Wynn   電子書 2012
      Love, sex, and desire in modern Egypt : navigating the margins of respectability / L. L. Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2018
Wynn, Margaret : 經濟所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Family policy : a study of the economic cost of rearing children and their social and political consequences / Margaret Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 1972
Wynn, Mark : 資訊服務處; 電腦檔     
      God and Goodness : A Natural Theological Perspective   電腦檔 1999
Wynn, Mark, 1963-    
      Emotional experience and religious understanding : integrating perception, conception and feeling / Mark Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2005
      Faith and place : an essay in embodied religious epistemology / Mark R. Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 c2009
      God and goodness : a natural theological perspective / Mark Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 1999
Wynn, Martin : 人社中心; 紙本資料     
      Planning and urban growth in southern Europe / edited By Martin Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 1984
Wynn, Neil : 歐美所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      The Afro-American and the Second World War / Neil A. Wynn 已報銷   紙本資料 1976
Wynn, Neil A    
      The African American Experience during World War II   電腦檔 2010
      Cross the Water Blues : African American Music in Europe   電腦檔 2007
      From progressivism to prosperity : World War I and American society / Neil A. Wynn 已報銷   紙本資料 1986
      Historical Dictionary from the Great War to the Great Depression   電腦檔 2013
      Historical dictionary of the Roosevelt-Truman era / Neil A. Wynn 館內使用   紙本資料 2008
Wynn,Peter, tr. : 數學所圖書室; 紙本資料     
      The application of continued fractions and their eneralizations to problems in approximation theory / Tr. by Peter Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 c1963
Wynn, Richard    
      Caring for a Child with Autism : Practical Guide for Parents   電腦檔 2001
      American education / [by] Chris A. De Young [and] Richard Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 1964
Wynn, Richard, 1918- / joint author : 歐美所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      American education / [by] Chris A. De Young [and] Richard Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 1968
Wynn, Robert : 生命科學圖書館; 電子書     
      Stem cell therapy in Lysosomal storage diseases edited by Jaap Jan Boelens, Robert Wynn   電子書 2013
Wynn, Rolf : 人文社會聯圖; 紙本資料     
      The linguistics of doctor-patient communication / Rolf Wynn   紙本資料 1995
Wynn, Sherry Lynnette : 歐美所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Rethinking history and borders within conversation : narrative and historiographic metafiction in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon and Maxine Hong Kingston's Tripmaster Monkey : his fake book / by Sherry Lynnette Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 1995
Wynn, Stephen, 1958- / author : 人文社會聯圖; 紙本資料     
      A history of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, 1682-2017 : the warriors' repose / Stephen Wynn and Tanya Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2019
Wynn, Susan G    
      Manual of natural veterinary medicine science and tradition / Susan G. Wynn, Steve Marsden   電子書 2002
      Veterinary herbal medicine [edited by] Susan G. Wynn, Barbara J. Fougère   電子書 c2007
Wynn, Tanya, / author : 人文社會聯圖; 紙本資料     
      A history of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, 1682-2017 : the warriors' repose / Stephen Wynn and Tanya Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2019
Wynn, Thomas    
      How to think like a Neandertal / by Thomas Wynn and Frederick L. Coolidge 在架上   紙本資料 c2012
      How to Think Like a Neandertal   電腦檔 2011
      The rise of homo sapiens : the evolution of modern thinking / by Frederick L. Coolidge and Thomas Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2018
Wynn, Thomas, 1975-    
      Representing violence in France, 1760-1820 / edited by Thomas Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2013
      Sade's theatre : pleasure, vision, masochism / Thomas Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2007
Wynn, Thomas Grant, 1949-    
      Cognitive archaeology and human evolution / edited by Sophie A. de Beaune, Frederick L. Coolidge, Thomas Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2009
      The evolution of spatial competence / Thomas Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 c1989
      The rise of homo sapiens : the evolution of modern thinking / Frederick L. Coolidge and Thomas Wynn 在架上   紙本資料 2009
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