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245 04 The Critical spirit :|bessays in honor of Herbert Marcuse 
       /|cedited by Kurt H. Wolff and Barrington Moore ; with the
       assistance of Heinz Lubasz, Maurice R. Stein, and E.V. 
260    Boston :|bBeacon Press,|cc1967 
300    xi, 436 p. :|bphoto. ;|c24 cm 
504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 0  Introduction: What is the critical spirit?--Utopianism, 
       ancient and modern, by M.I. Finley.--Primitive society in 
       its many dimensions, by S. Diamond.--Manicheanism in the 
       Enlightenment, by R.H. Popkin.--Schopenhauer today, by M. 
       Horkheimer.--Beginning in Hegel and today, by K.H. Wolff.-
       -The social history of ideas: Ernst Cassirer and after, by
       P. Gay.--Policies of violence, from Montesquieu to the 
       Terrorist, by E.V. Walter.--Thirty-nine articles: toward a
       theory of social theory, by J.R. Seeley.--History as 
       private enterprise, by H. Zinn.--From Socrates to Plato, 
       by H. Meyerhoff.--Rational society and irrational art, by 
       H. Read.--The quest for the Grail; Wagner and Morris, by 
       C.E. Schorske.--Valéry; Monsieur Teste, by L. Goldmann.--
       History and existentialism in Sartre, by L. Krieger.--
       German popular biographies; culture's bargain counter, by 
       L. Lowenthal.--The Rechtsstaat as magic wall, by O. 
505 0  Revolution from above: some notes on the decision to 
       collectivize Soviet agriculture, by E.H. Carr.--Winston 
       Churchill, power politician and counter revolutionary, by 
       A.J. Mayer.--Brahmins and business, 1870-1914; a 
       hypothesis on the social basis of success in American 
       history, by G. Kolko.--On the limits of professional 
       thought, by M.R. Stein.--The limits of integration, by P. 
       Mattick.--The society nobody wants; a look beyond Marxism 
       and liberalism.--Marcuse as teacher, by W. Leiss, J.D. 
       Ober and E. Sherover.--Marcuse bibliography, by W. Leiss, 
       J.D. Ober and E. Sherover (p. 427-433) 
600 10 Marcuse, Herbert,|d1898- 
650  0 Philosophy 
650  0 Industry|xSocial aspects 
700 1  Marcuse, Herbert,|d1898- 
700 1  Wolff, Kurt H.,|d1912- 
700 1  Moore, Barrington,|d1913-2005 
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