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100 1  Reardon, Ann Partridge 
245 10 Beyond intuition:  A perceptual basis for the elements and
       principles of design 
300    204 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 43-01, 
       page: 0006 
500    Chair:  Louise Jones 
502    Thesis (M.S.)--Eastern Michigan University, 2004 
520    The visual sensory system was examined to clarify its 
       impact on what people consider to be aesthetically 
       pleasing. The study utilized research synthesis to look at
       the perceptual and physiological factors that influence 
       aesthetic decisions. It was the intent of this study to 
       examine the relationship that may exist between visual 
       perception and the elements and principles of design 
520    The study concluded that the elements and principles of 
       design can be defined by physiological and psychological 
       processes in the brain. It provides research-based 
       information that enables designers of the built 
       environment to argue for a universal approach to 
       aesthetics. The elements and principles of design as 
       derivatives of perceptual processes, along with their 
       response attributes of homeostasis, pleasure, and 
       environmental preferences, may be used by designers to 
       create built environments that will meet functional and 
       aesthetic needs 
520    This information can be used in the education of 
       architects and interior designers 
590    School code: 6456 
590    DDC 
650  4 Design and Decorative Arts 
650  4 Architecture 
650  4 Psychology, Cognitive 
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690    0633 
710 20 Eastern Michigan University 
773 0  |tMasters Abstracts International|g43-01 
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