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100 1  Soucey, Kristin Elizabeth 
245 10 Accuracy and actuality in the virtual reconstruction of an
       archaeological site: A case study featuring Roccagloriosa 
300    99 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 48-03, 
       page: 1361 
502    Thesis (M.A.)--University of Alberta (Canada), 2009 
520    Advances in computer technology coupled with the use of 
       computational methods for dissemination of archaeological 
       data has led to an increase in the number of virtual 
       reconstructions of archaeological sites. There are 
       numerous advantages in the use of these reconstructions; 
       however, accuracy and actuality are often surrendered for 
       the benefit of photorealism and the desire to present a 
       "complete" virtual reconstruction. The current research 
       addresses the need for accuracy and actuality in the 
       virtual reconstructions of archaeological sites through 
       the use of colour and transparency. The archaeological 
       site of Roccagloriosa, located in southeastern Italy, was 
       chosen based on the large extent of excavations and the 
       availability of data. The resulting virtual reconstruction
       differentiates between what is known from the 
       archaeological record, what is inferred based on the 
       archaeological record and what is purely hypothetical 
590    School code: 0351 
650  4 Anthropology, Archaeology 
650  4 Computer Science 
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710 2  University of Alberta (Canada) 
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